10 Best Free Paycheck Stub Template PDF Download 2024

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Harness the power of growth and streamline your payroll process like never before. Discover the ease of keeping track of wages with our fantastic selection of free paycheck stub template PDFs. This article will guide you on an efficient payroll journey, addressing challenges and providing solutions to invigorate your workflow. Boost your efficiency, embrace change, and pave the way to a smoother salary distribution process with us. Ready to revolutionize your payroll? Let's get started.

Best 10 Free Paycheck Stub Templates

The WPS Template Store offers many high-quality templates to cater to diverse requirements and professions. From presentation templates for businesses to resume templates for job seekers, it's a one-stop solution for your document needs. WPS Office allows you to download and customize a myriad of free templates.

1. Simple Popular Proforma Invoice

A proforma invoice is a preliminary bill of sale sent to buyers before a shipment or delivery of goods. It details the types and quantities of products, their value, and important shipping details. This straightforward and user-friendly Excel pay stub template is crafted to make payment receipts simple and professional-looking, offering better control over payments.

Free Paycheck Stub Template PDF

Best For

This tool is best suited for Small Business Owners, Freelancers, Financial Controllers, and Accountants who need to provide a detailed record of transactions and monitor payments efficiently.

2. Green Payroll Form

The Green Excel Pay Stub Template is a versatile, professional payroll form specifically designed to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes. Whether it's a small enterprise or a larger corporation, the Green Excel Pay Stub Template is tailored to simplify the daunting task of payroll management.

The Green Excel Pay Stub Template's design also promotes clarity and ease of reading. The sections are well-organized, allowing for straightforward navigation. Each field is clearly labeled and easy to understand, making entering data more efficient.

Free Paycheck Stub Template PDF

Best For

This payroll form best suits business owners, HR managers, accountants, and payroll professionals.

3. Invoice With Hours And Rate

This invoice template is an efficient tool for businesses, consultants, or freelancers that provides a streamlined way to bill clients or pay employees. You can easily input your service hours, and your agreed rate, and the template will automatically calculate the total amount due. It's ideal for any business model that operates on hourly rates.

The template offers customizable fields, so you can tailor it to your company's needs and maintain a professional image. Moreover, this tool can reduce the time spent on billing tasks, allowing you to focus more on productive tasks.

Free Paycheck Stub Template PDF

Best For

This invoice template is best for professionals, freelancers, and consultants who provide services based on an hourly rate. It is equally beneficial for small businesses that pay employees or contractors hourly.

4. Simple Purple Pay Schedule

The Simple Purple Pay Schedule is an efficient and user-friendly Excel pay stub template that can greatly streamline payroll operations. This template features an elegant purple theme, enhancing its aesthetics and usability. It contains fields for essential details, including the employee's name, ID number, salary card, bank card number, etc. The user-friendly nature of this template allows for easy data entry and modification as needed, ensuring accurate and prompt payroll processing.

Free Paycheck Stub Template PDF Download

Best For

This pay schedule template best suits small to medium-sized business owners, HR professionals, and payroll managers.

5. Employees' Payroll For Part-Time Salary

This template is a comprehensive solution for managing part-time employee payroll, meticulously designed to record, calculate, and provide essential salary details. It considers all the crucial aspects of an employee's compensation, like hourly rates, hours worked, taxes, benefits, and other deductions or additions. After considering all these factors, it automatically computes the total salary, making payroll management an effortless process.

Free Paycheck Stub Template PDF Download

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This template is ideally suited for HR personnel, small business owners, and managers who oversee part-time workers.

6. Red Pay Schedule

The Red Pay Schedule template is a vibrant and user-friendly financial tool designed in Microsoft Excel. It employs a striking red color theme, adding a dash of fun and creativity to the otherwise mundane task of payroll management. This comprehensive template allows you to track payments efficiently, incorporating fields such as employee details, hours worked, hourly rates, overtime, deductions, and net pay.

Furthermore, it comes with automated calculations for swift and accurate computation, reducing the potential for human errors.

2023 Free Paycheck Stub Template PDF

Best For

The Red Pay Schedule template is not limited to a specific user group. It is best suited for small to medium-sized business owners, human resource professionals, freelance consultants, and anyone involved in payroll management or project-based payments.

7. Simple Fresh Purple Invoice Format

The Simple Fresh Purple Invoice Format is a template designed in Excel to simplify the process of invoicing. Its minimalistic layout is enhanced with a refreshing purple color scheme, giving it a modern yet professional look. The template includes standard fields like invoice number, date, customer details, description of goods/services, quantity, unit price, and total amount. A special feature of this template is its capacity to automatically calculate totals for convenience and accuracy, reducing human error.

Free Paycheck Stub Template Word

Best For

This template is best for freelancers, small business owners, and service providers who frequently need to send invoices to their clients. It is also useful for anyone dealing with transactions who needs a straightforward, attractive way to request payment.

8. Excel Salary Slip Calculator Template

The Excel Salary, Slip Calculator Template, is a comprehensive free paycheck stub template PDF calculator digital tool for managing employee payments. This template organizes and simplifies the payroll process by detailing an individual's gross salary, bonuses, overtime, deductions, and net compensation. The gross wage includes an individual's base salary and any allowances or benefits. Assumptions include income taxes, pension contributions, and other statutory deductions.

2023 Free Paycheck Stub Template PDF

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The Excel Salary Slip Calculator Template is ideal for small business owners, accountants, HR professionals, or anyone responsible for processing payroll. It offers a convenient and efficient way to track employee compensation, manage budgets, and maintain financial transparency. 

9. Excel Employee Annual Salary Record Template

The Employee Annual Salary Record Template in Excel is a comprehensive tool used to streamline the complex process of calculating annual salaries. It is designed to manage many employee wage information in an organized manner.

The template allows you to input data such as employee names, job titles, monthly salaries, tax deductions, benefits, and more. The key feature of this template is its ability to automatically calculate the total annual compensation for each employee, factoring in all the variables.

Free Paycheck Stub Template Word

Best For

This template best suits HR professionals, small and medium business owners, financial managers, and anyone else tasked with managing and calculating employee salaries. It can also be an excellent tool for freelance consultants working on multiple client or project-based payments.

10. Excel Pink Salary Schedule Template

The Pink Salary Schedule Template is a meticulously designed Excel tool that blends style and functionality. Decked in a vibrant shade of pink, this template is a visually pleasing yet highly efficient way of managing and scheduling your salary. It contains various columns and rows allowing for inputting relevant salary information, such as monthly wage, bonus, tax deductions, and net pay.

Free Paycheck Stub Template Word

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The Pink Salary Schedule Template is ideally suited for professionals and employees who want a systematic and aesthetic way of keeping track of their salary.



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How to Edit and Export PDF Templates in WPS Office?

Step 1: Navigate to the WPS Office homepage and select Apps > Templates.

Free Paycheck Stub Template PDF

Step 2: Pick the template that suits your needs and click Use Now for an instant download.

Step 3: For a closer look, click on the template's thumbnail to preview it and press Free Use to download it.

Free Paycheck Stub Template PDF

Step 4: Once downloaded, the template will open for you to edit as necessary. You can alter the template for a more customized fit.

Free Paycheck Stub Template PDF

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Advantages of an Editable Pay Stub Template

  • Seamless Error Correction: The pay stub editor allows you to adjust any aspect of your pay stubs without compromising their aesthetic integrity.

  • Efficient Modifications: Our pay stub editor is compatible with all our templates, which, for your convenience, come equipped with an automatic tax calculation feature.

  • Personalized Pay Stubs for Each Employee: Editable templates empower you to craft personalized pay stubs for each employee. Rather than tweaking a template for each staff member, simply alter the individual details.

  • Enhance Professionalism: This tool offers many options and features for creating an elegant, professional pay stub. It's a simple process—enter the necessary wage details, employer information, and deductions, then click to generate your polished pay stub.

  • Time-Saving and Convenient: With our pay stub templates, starting from scratch is unnecessary. Prepare your pay stubs ahead of time and use the pay stub editor for any necessary modifications, avoiding the hassle of recreating them entirely.


1. How Do I Make An Invoice For A Paycheck?

Creating an invoice for a paycheck requires essential details such as the company and client information, a unique invoice number, issuance, and due dates. The invoice should list the services rendered with descriptions on each line, and the sum of these will indicate the total money owed. It should mention payment terms and options. Personalizing the invoice with a note can provide a professional touch.

2. Is It Legal To Provide Electronic Paycheck Stubs To Employees In The US?

Yes, it's legal in the U.S. to provide electronic paycheck stubs, but state laws vary. Some states mandate printed pay stubs but typically allow electronic versions if employees can print them and have given consent. Compliance with individual state regulations is necessary.

3. Are Paycheck Stubs Required For Independent Contractors?

No, paycheck stubs are not required for independent contractors. Unlike employees, independent contractors receive payment without withholdings or deductions, so they typically don't receive pay stubs. They must, however, maintain their detailed records for tax purposes.


This article presents ten versatile and user-friendly free paycheck stub template PDFs to facilitate seamless payroll management. The templates are designed for various needs, including proforma invoices, payroll forms, hourly-rate invoices, pay schedules, part-time salary records, salary slip calculations, annual salary records, and attractive invoice formats. Each of these templates, which are readily downloadable and customizable, is equipped with automated calculations and fields for essential details, offering an effortless and accurate means to handle payroll-related tasks.

As part of WPS Office, the Template Store provides high-quality, free templates. With WPS Office, you can simultaneously download, edit, and customize various templates. WPS aids in streamlining tasks and boosting productivity by making payroll management simpler and more efficient. Furthermore, WPS Office caters to multiple requirements, making it ideal for different sectors such as business, education, or personal use.

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