Is Nitro Free License 2022 Offering Enough Features For Editing PDF?

July 31, 20232.0K views

A free License is permission to use any software without paying any fee. A Free trial, Free promotions by different brands are common these days. It creates awareness among users about that company or brand. Many people shift their minds from one company to the other after experiencing the free trial. So, Nitro is also offering Nitro free license for PDF users. In 2022 they have introduced different keys and their free trials so that different users can get experience through Nitro free license. These free trials limits the usage so you have to buy premium version.Different discounts are available for premium versions. Following pic shows how different coupons are applicable to get discounts.The original and discounted prices are also mentioned to give you a thorough view of discounts on Nitro premium packages.


Features That Are offered through Nitro Free license:

  • It supports heavy size files.No matter how many pages you have in your PDF file, it easily converts them without crashing.

  • It easily converts PDFs into other formats.

  • It can scan your documents.

  • Overall it has all those features which customers are looking for but, the main issue with this is that they have Zero customer support reviews. How does it feel when you are a regular user of a product of a company and when you need their support, no one is there to answer you? Of course, it feels bad and ignored. So, We have another Best confirmed solution to all your issues and that is the WPS office 2022 version which is available online for free download and a free trial of 7 days.

How To Download WPS Office:


  • Visit their website. Their online address is

  • Click on the free download button.

  • Use its free trial for seven days and play with its amazing features. Yes, play. beacuse its so easy to use that you feel that you are playing with it.

  • In case you still need any guidance, their WPS academy is there to help you out.

  • Their Customer support is excellent. If you have any questions just mail them to the given address mentioned on the website online and they will get back to you immediately.

Conclusion :

We are not against Nitro free license 2022 features. They are also working best but in some points which user demand WPS is ahead of Nitro. So we suggest you never compromise on the quality of the product and always choose the best WPS office 2022 online. Definitely, go for a free trial of WPS 2022 and if you are satisfied enough with it then you can make it your partner for a lifetime. It will really ease your life. Download WPS with 7-Day Free Trial Now in 2022

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