How to Fill in PDF Form in 2024?

January 3, 20243.7K views

In 2023, mostly electronic PDFs fillable forms come that we need to fill on your laptop offline and submit via email online. PDF documents are universally accessible and suitable for almost all devices. The only drawback of PDFs is that it can be difficult to customize them. 

Have you received a PDF form and are confused about how to fill in PDF form? If you want to fill or sign a PDF,  you can do this easily using a few different ways. Below I'm going to cover how to fill in a pdf form online that is already fillable or not fillable by using various methods.

How to Fill in PDF Form Online Web For Free

The interactive forms are fillable and can be filled with simple steps; We just need a web browser to fill the interactive forms online.

Here are the few steps to fill the interactive forms

Step 1: Go to the PDF form and open it to the Web Browser.


Step2: Once you open it, Fill and sign in all the required information by clicking on the recommended field.


Step 3: After filling out all PDF forms, Click on the PRINT button at the top right of the screen. A popup will appear; select SAVE AS PDF and enter the SAVE option at the bottom.


How to Fill in PDF Form with Adobe Acrobat Reader for Free

Adobe acrobat reader is an editing application that helps you to edit and fill out your flat PDF form offline.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the PDF form and Open it to Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Step 2: Navigate to the FILL & SIGN option at the right sidebar. Click on the FILL AND SIGN option to fill out the PDF form. You can also enter a signature by this option.


Step 3: After filling out the document, Click on the SAVE AS icon at the top left of the menu bar and select the location where you want to save the file.


How to Fill in PDF Form with WPS Office for Free

You can easily edit, convert, and manage PDF documents using the WPS office. It's also beneficial for filling the editable and non-editable PDF forms.

Follow these steps to fill out the PDF form:

Step 1: Open the PDF form in the WPS office.

Step 2: Once the form is opened, Click on the FILL & SIGN option at the right sidebar and fiil out all the information.


Step 3: After filling in all information, Save the filled PDF form.

Why Choose WPS Office to Fill in PDF Form

After going through the above methods, you can quickly fill, sign and edit the PDF form online and offline in 2023. My recommendation is the WPS office. It's lightweight and has a user-friendly interface. You can easily edit and convert your documents by using the WPS office.

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