Download and Install Free iLovePDF Extension for Chrome

July 31, 20231.1K views

ILovePDF plugin brings you a powerful toolkit that eases your online PDF file documents solution. All PDF tools do not have the same functionality. They are classified according to their file operation system. iLovePDF is helping to consume time and manage all PDF file documents with different types of file editing like split PDF, merge PDF, organizing PDF, and converting any PDF files.

We often use many software and applications to edit and update our file format but online extension makes our file editing quick and easy to access with the chrome browser. We have used many extensions for PDF documents needs and today I will show you the mechanism of the iLovePDF extension.

Advantages of adding iLovePDFextension

iLovePDF Plugin contains several powerful PDF toolkits, at your disposal for all your document needs. it Saves our time for editing documents and boosts our productivity. It allows us to compress PDF files. it Reduces PDF file size for email attachments and provides different templates. This tool Converts any PDF file with file store data and makes it easier to share online.

How we add free iLovePDF extension for chrome

We can add the iLovePDF extension with our Google Chrome browser by following easy steps and therefore it is available for editing and converting any PDF file. Adding an extension in your chrome makes your browser slow and contains different unknown file data. Hence we are giving you the ideal process of adding the iLovePDF extension for chrome.

Open your google chrome browser and go to the Web store > IlovePDF extension.

Click add to chrome button


Open the manage extension and pin your file extension.


And its visuals on the top of the extension bar. You can pin and unpin according to your usage.

Now you can see which functions are visible for converting and compressing any PDF file with an easily accessible file extension program.


Why WPS Office is better than iLovePDF


WPS Office has a unique file formatting office suite. It can open any type of doc and pdf file and save your update with security file stored data. It allows users to enjoy all the latest PDF tools and update PDF files with a protected file formatting system. iLovePDF extension can convert any PDF documents with limited file updating applications and that's why it is only available for the online versions. Whether WPS PDF Tools and WPS Office have both online and offline services

Which is better, Adobe Acrobat or iLovePDF? Check here to get more information: Best PDF Premium Editors: Adobe Acrobat DC and iLovePDF Compared


In this article, I have tried to cover the importance of chrome extensions and other offline office software. Hope you enjoyed the article and it guides you to follow simple methods. If you find any problem while converting any PDF file, we are here to solve it. In the following, I m trying to show how easy it downloads to your computer. It is one of the best tools to work with for its versatility and multiple uses. WPS Office also allows you to add with the chrome browser and you can download its Office suite from their website. You can enjoy a free 7-day trial. Download the file and make your work easier. Enjoy!

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