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July 31, 20231.8K views

The user interface (UI) of the downloaded PdfPen for windows has been deliberately updated and modernized, drawing inspiration from top-tier editing programs. The creator maintained the interface's familiarity while, among other improvements, streamlining and improving access to crucial features and their properties.

Overall, downloading the PdfPen for Windows is more straightforward and pleasurable, making users feel at home.

Features Of Downloading Pdfpen For Windows

Draw, highlight, underline and fix the text

  • Mark up papers with a strikethrough, underlining, and highlighting
  • Pdf can have text, pictures, and signatures added
  • The original pdf's correct text contains editable text sections
  • Delete, copy, resize, and move images in the original pdf
  • Copy and paste rich text; when copying from pdfs, keep the columns' fonts and formatting
  • File attachments and annotations can be seen and extracted

Ocr & Scan — Text Preview

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) can be used for scanning documents
  • OCR text layer that can be viewed to allow for text proofreading from scanned pages
  • Use any Mac-compatible scanner or Image Capture to scan immediately
  • You can easily change an image or scanned document's resolution, color depth and contrast skew, and size
  • Quick adjustments are made possible by context-sensitive popup menus
  • Pdf files can be compressed for decreased file sizes

Redact any personal data

  • OCR text can be deleted or redacted
  • A document can be password-protected using up to 256-bit AES encryption
  • The options are full-screen mode, document width, and actual document size
  • Print the text with or without the annotations
  • Along with the document, print a list of all the annotations
  • Add notes and comments (and print them)


Downloading PdfPen For Windows - Features And Pricing

With PdfPen for PC Pro Essentials downloaded on the computer, editing pdfs is simple! You may also try and download the free trial of PdfPen. Include text, pictures, and signatures with just a few clicks and taps. Adjusting your mistakes and completing pdf forms are much more hassle-free if you have PdfPen Downloaded on your windows computer.

Rearranging, merging, and deleting pages is at your fingertips. Do you see any mistakes in your document? Tap it and change it right away!

Moreover, exporting the pdf in Word format from Microsoft and many other file formats is made available with the download for the pc version of PdfPen.

The downloaded Office Pack licenses of PdfPen for PC are perfect for commercial and business use. It will only cost you US$129.99 per year, which is considerably lower than many high-end office packages available today.

The most popular download for PdfPen windows has all the capabilities of pdf Pro Essentials plus the ability to export to Microsoft Excel format and create interactive forms, tables of contents, and pdfs from websites. These licenses are perfect for commercial and business use, starting at US$179.99 per year.

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Competition for Downloading PdfPen For Windows

There are several rivals to downloading PdfPen for free. Some are pdf Expert, Smaply, LibreOffice, Windward Core, and PdfElement. But the most significant competitor of all is WPS Office. In comparison to many of its rivals, PDFpen is more pricey.

However, unlike many of its competitors, which demand a regular membership, PdfPen is a one-time purchase.

Additionally, downloading PdfPen for free focuses on the Mac OS and develops its capabilities accordingly. Unfortunately, most of the working population, Windows users, cannot install it.

But, the WPS office premium, the next best alternative to PdfPen, is available for purchase at $29.99 per year with a 7-day trial. You may download the free version if you do not wish to buy premium functions.

But, when downloading an alternative, you must first check your budget capacity, the functions you require from the subscription and the easy User interface of the product. After considering them and comparing them with the two products, you will be able to conclude which one is the best suited for you.

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