How to Add Sticky Notes to PDF

July 31, 20231.8K views

If somebody sent you a PDF to review, and you need to add notes or comments, the most common method for annotation is PDF sticky notes. These allow you to insert yellow or white callout icons on the PDF page. But how to add sticky notes to PDF and position them? Follow the steps, and you can add sticky notes to PDF easily and quickly.

Steps to Add Sticky Notes to PDF

We said sticky notes are the most common method for annotating and marking up a PDF file. When closed, they appear as an icon. And when you open them, they display a pop-up window containing the text of the note. You can choose the font style, size, and more. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how to insert sticky notes in PDF.

Step 1. Open a PDF

Launch PDFelement and open the document you want to add sticky notes.


Step 2. Add Sticky Notes to PDF

Go to the "Comment" section, and click the “Note” button. Your mouse cursor will change, and you can choose the position and location for the PDF sticky notes. When you click a position, a yellow sticky notes icon will appear and open a pop-up window for you to write what you want the sticky note to contain.


Step 3. Change Sticky Notes Properties

When you finish writing, click on “X” to close the sticky note. You can right-click on the sticky note to change the properties. If you click on “Use as default”, every other sticky note you add will have the same properties. Go to properties to change Author, subject of the sticky note, color, opacity, and more. If you want to copy the same sticky note in multiple places in the document, right-click on the note, click copy, and then paste in a different part of the document. You can also delete a sticky note by right-clicking and then select delete. If you want to select all sticky notes, right-click on any note, and click on "Select All" option.


When using PDFelement in Windows, you can add sticky notes continuously or move them. If you want to add sticky notes continuously, double-click the “Insert sticky notes” button, and then click on the places where you want to add, the sticky notes will be added one by one continuously. For moving comments, click the “Select” button, then drag the sticky notes to the place where you want to move it.

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We used WPS Office as our option for how to add sticky notes on PDF. There is a good reason for that. WPS Office is one of the best PDF editors on the market. It is a great tool to visualize and manage your documents and provides an excellent range of features.

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