How to Convert JPG to PDF on Windows 10 in 2022

July 31, 20231.3K views

Converting JPG to PDF is an inevitable skill for any professional when they are working with images with different file formats. After rendering, It is also useful when sending many image files with a single document in a secured way rather than multiple images. JPG is an image container format that is similar to other formats like PNG, TIFF, and so on. PDF is an Adobe Acrobat file format for sharing information in postscript format. It is more accessible to open from any device.

If you are a user of the Windows system, you can follow the guide to learn how to convert from any JPG to PDF in Windows operating system. No matter if you are a user of Windows 11/10 or the older Windows 7/8.

1-Use WPS Office to Convert JPG to PDF

WPS Office is a versatile file formatting system where you can open any file and convert it to your convenient size and unlock your JPG formats to PDF. that's why users' first choice should be WPS Office as they can easily convert without using a third-party app from windows 10.


WPS offers us to create and edit any file with its tools for windows, mac, Linux, and android user


Open your JPG image from WPS Office and choose JPG to PDF or you can open it directly from the convert PDF image.

Just make sure all the adoption you prefer are selected and press convert.

2-Utilize Foxit Reader to convert JPG to PDF

Using Foxit Reader is so easy and convenient for any windows10 user. You can convert any file format and edit it in your Foxit window.

  1. Open a JPG file via Foxit reader.
  2. Choose the file from the menu > save as
  3. Simply select PDF as your saving file type.
  4. And press the save button.


3-Use Microsoft Office to convert JPG to PDF

Microsoft Office is all accessible from the very first windows operating system. It is updated day by day with the windows system. It is dedicated to editing, presenting, and spreadsheets.


  1. Open your Microsoft Office Word and edit your image file.
  2. Select a file from the menu to save
  3. Choose a file type PDF as we convert JPG to PDF easily.
  4. See, how easily you can get your PDF images from your windows 10 operating system.

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