How to Delete Text from PDF Without any Complications: A Standard Guide

July 31, 20231.3K views

Any workstation can benefit from using PDF files. After you save them as a PDF, you are unable to make any changes to them, unlike with the Doc file. Alternately, you can only permit certain alterations, such as date, name, and signature. This guarantees that the contract recipient won't sign something you didn't authorise in advance. However, it doesn't follow that if you don't have the original file, you can't make any changes at all. If just minor changes are needed, a complete re-edit is typically not necessary. We'll go over a couple techniques in this article for removing words from PDFs.

How to Delete Text from PDF in Adobe?

You can generate, edit, print, and manage PDF files using Adobe Acrobat. You may rotate pages, add new pages, modify page numbers, and delete pages using the software. The ability to delete text from PDF documents is one of Adobe Acrobat's most practical editing tools. The TouchUp Text tool, which enables you to alter, remove, or add text as necessary, is used to achieve this.

Step 1: Open Adobe Acrobat and the text-removal PDF file. Select Toolbars under View in the menu bar.

Step 2: Select the TouchUp Text tool under Advanced Editing.

Step 3: To edit a section of text, click on it. The text area will be surrounded by a box.

Step 4: Using your mouse, select the text you want to delete from the text field.

Step 5: Hit the Delete or Backspace key, or pick Edit from the menu and Delete. 

The PDF document will be edited to remove the text.

How to Delete Text from PDF in SmallPDF Tool?

To delete text from a PDF, you don't always need to install software on your computer. SmallPDF is an excellent tool to use if you want to make some modifications online. You don't even have to have an account or pay for it.

  • On the SmallPDF page, drag your PDF file. Alternatively, you might upload a file from your Google Drive or Dropbox.

  • Select Rectangle by selecting the Shapes icon on the new page.

  • On the object you wish to eliminate, draw a rectangle.

  • Make sure the colour and outline of the menu are both white in the area above the rectangle.

  • To download the revised file, click Download PDF.

One file may be edited each day using this website's free version. Consequently, it's a decent solution if you only need to make one little adjustment; otherwise, you might want to try one of the other approaches.

How to delete text from pdf in WPS PDF Tools?

Step 1: Right-click on PDF file, select Open with, and then pick WPS Office or WPS writer to open the file.

Step 2: To delete any text or object, double-click it and then use your keyboard's delete key.

Step 3: When finished, use Ctrl+S or select Save from the menu tab to save your changes.

The user will be able to delete unnecessary stuff after completing the above-described step-by-step process. We are thus only left with the necessary information and content, which may also be changed using the WPS PDF editor, which also allows for the conversion of pdf files into other formats.

Tips On Selecting the Best Tool

WPS Office is the best alternative for PDF erasers, offering one of the best, most feature-rich, and intuitive user interfaces available. Users who desire convenience and permanence should choose WPS Office as their go-to PDF eraser. By downloading it, you can use it without cost. The majority of its features are free and relatively simple to use, even for someone with very little technological expertise. As a result, WPS PDF editor is the user's top pick and the most reliable, accurate tool used for editing, creating, managing, and modifying texts. Download WPS Office for a better user experience and a free trial of the premium features!

FAQS on How to Delete Text from PDF

Q.How can I change and get rid of text from a PDF?

Ans.To modify and remove text from a PDF, you need a PDF editor, such as WPS PDF Tools. When you need to correct typos in PDF files, a PDF editor is quite helpful.

Q.Is it expensive?

Ans. No, the WPS pdf tools are totally free! You don't need to pay anything for it.

Use the WPS PDF Tool for any Type of Edit!

Even when you are looking for a platform to remove text from PDFs, there are still many things to take into account. WPS Pdf Tools is one such option for PDF erasers with one of the best, most feature-rich, and intuitive user interfaces available. Users who desire convenience and permanence should choose WPS Pdf Tools as their go-to PDF eraser. By downloading it, you can use it without cost.

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