Top 5 PDF Reader for Mac

January 4, 2023846 views

Mac users have several PDF reader programs to choose from, including Adobe Reader for Mac and Preview. But if you want a better PDF reading experience, you might want to use a more robust and powerful PDF program.

In this article, we’ve compiled the top 5 PDF reader for Mac tools, including WPS, which offers more features than a simple PDF reader.

1: WPS

As high-quality as Adobe Reader is due to its constant updates and improvements, you can also look into alternative programs to perform many of the same tasks. WPS for Mac, as the best alternative PDF Reader to Adobe Acrobat for Mac, acts as both a PDF editor and reader that provides you full functions for PDF editing and a better experience reading PDF on Mac. This tool lets you add text, images, bookmarks, and more to your PDF. In addition, a user can also highlight text, underline, use strike-through features on the text, and crop PDF pages on Mac. Watermarks can also be used to protect your PDF files on Mac. You can even edit and convert scanned PDF files with WPS.

Key Features of this PDF Reader for Mac:

Add, delete or edit text, images, graphics, links, watermarks, and more.Convert PDF to Word and other formats, or create PDFs from Webpages, images, and text files.Quickly mark up and annotate PDFs with various annotation tools.Combine or split PDFs, organize pages, and easily fill out PDF forms.Edit and convert scanned or image-based PDFs using the OCR feature.Easily add watermarks, passwords, and signatures to PDF documents.

2. Skim

Skim is a popular PDF Reader on Mac that is tailored towards scientific purposes, although it can also be used to view other types of documents as well. This free PDF reader software is designed to be customizable for individual use and is handy for notes and previews. Skim is one of the most popular options because it includes easy-to-use and visually impressive reading modes.

Key Features:

Single swipe highlight mode for easy useAppleScript supportAbility to preview internal links

3. Adobe Reader for Mac

Adobe Reader for Mac is considered the industry standard. You can download a PDF reader for mac-Adobe Reader for free and set it as your default PDF reader. Adobe is still a very well-respected product on the market, as they are constantly making improvements and upgrades to the program. Still, there are other options that offer many of the same features at a lower price and without complicated licensing agreements.

Key Features:

Fast and easy to useEstablished platform worldwideConsidered industry standardWell developed and supported

4. Haihaisoft Reader for Mac

A prominent feature of Haihaisoft Reader for Mac is its small size at only 3MB; this compact PDF Reader for Mac takes up much less space than other programs like Adobe Reader (see below). The package covers a wide range of languages and is designed for ease of use, while it is also well supported and has been developed for use on a number of platforms. Interesting features include:

Key Features:

Instant launch timeNo background net connection for added securityOpens all PDF documentsProtection with DRM-X

5. PDFSam

PDFSam is a relatively new release that has been met with mixed reviews. This free PDF reader for Mac is designed for splitting and merging documents. Hence, it is called 'SAM.', Some users report problems while using the application, though generally, it is reported to be user-friendly and quick for the average user.

Key Features:

Split and Merge - (SAM)Extract sections as separate PDFsReorder pages when neededCompose documents by dragging and dropping

Free Trial of PDF Reader for Mac of WPS Office

With so many options for PDF readers for Mac, sometimes it is hard to make a choice. But considering all the possible troubles, WPS can be regarded as the best PDF reader for Mac because it can provide you with a cozy reading experience without those troubles. Besides, do you think WPS is only a PDF reader? The answer is no; it is a PDF editor and PDF converter as well.

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