Best Free PDF Reader for Windows - Top 6 Choices in 2024

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PDFs have been around for nearly 25 years, yet they are still widely used online. It's likely that whatever you're looking for—a W-2, a contract, an ebook—will be in PDF format. While most modern web browsers provide some PDF reading functionality, more advanced features such as filling out forms, adding notes, etc., need a dedicated free pdf reader for windows. Are you seeking a trustworthy, free PDF reader for windows?

Since hundreds of online free pdf readers for windows are available, some of which cost almost a thousand dollars annually. That said, we have made a list of the top 6 free PDF readers with features ranging from simple reading to advanced PDF creation, editing, and security.

Think over these factors while deciding on a free PDF reader for windows:

  1. Program size

  2. Compatible Operating Systems

  3. Protective features

  4. Editing Capabilities

  5. Availability to share

  6. Multiple viewing options

  7. Supported file types

  8. Note-taking capability

Top 6 Free PDF Readers For Windows - 2023

Adobe Acrobat DC

One of the most widely used PDF readers is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, and the best part is that it's available free of charge. The latest version of Adobe's free PDF viewer, Acrobat Reader DC, includes support for saving and printing PDFs. There are navigational aids like bookmarks and annotations.

Key Features:

  1. Different reading modes, highlighting text, making notes, filling out forms, digitally signing documents, adding stamps, and so on are all available in Adobe Reader for Windows.

  2. It's compatible with all device types. 

  3. Your data will likely be secure.

  4. It has the right software for editing, evaluating, and converting documents.

  5. You can view multiple PDFs side by side in the tabbed interface of Adobe's free Windows PDF viewer.

System support:

Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7, and XP are the supported versions of the operating system.

Usage Tips:

  1. To start the installation of Acrobat Reader, click the Download button. To join up and get set up:

  2. Follow the on-screen prompts.

  3. Pick a file to open and click on Home > Recent.Select File> Open from the menu bar.

  4. Click Open after entering one or more PDF files in the OOpen pen due box.

What We Like The Most:

One of the most useful functions of Acrobat Reader DC is the ability to read aloud any document, even one that may otherwise be difficult to understand. Adobe's online free PDF reader for windows is a wonderful option if you're a busy professional who has to annotate PDFs while on the road or in transit.

WPS Office

Whether you need to view, edit, divide, convert, or sign a PDF, the WPS Office is a lightweight yet comprehensive software to meet your needs. It doesn't matter whether you're a student or a working adult; free pdf reader for Windows edit feature will make even the most difficult tasks a breeze.

Key Features:

  1. Having a simple UI is a huge plus.

  2. Add PDFs to your bookmarks for easy access in the future.

  3. WPS Office allows you to change your phone's brightness.

  4. The night mode makes reading easier when you use it at night.

  5. PDFs may be easily printed and shared over email, WhatsApp, and other services.

  6. The ability to reorganise PDFs into a more pleasant reading formatRead the PDF document like a book.

System support:

WPS Office can run on a wide variety of computer platforms. You may choose between macOS, Linux, Windows, or even iOS!

Usage Tips:

  1. Put in place and start up WPS Office. 

  2. Select the desired computer file. 

  3. From the Open with drop-down, choose WPS Office. 

  4. After that, your PDF will open in the WPS PDF viewer's reading mode.

What We Like The Most:

With WPS Office, you may have five different file types open at once in tabs inside the same window! This streamlines processes and provides for less stress at work. Access to a wide variety of file types inside a single application has simplified modifying and creating new files. The smartphone version has a streamlined design and a very user-friendly UI.


When reading PDFs, Foxit Reader is on par with Google Docs. The cloud provides a convenient environment for managing and viewing PDF files, including their creation, distribution, and security.

Key Features:

  1. You'll find everything you need to view PDF files inside this cutting-edge program.

  2. PDFs may be read, printed, and you can easily extract content.

  3. Foxit is a terrific tool for company owners and document makers because of its many useful features.

  4. The File is viewed like Notepad in its Text Viewer mode, with any fancy formatting stripped away.

  5. Working online with others and sharing your PDFs is made easier with the help of collaboration capabilities.

System support:

Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/10/XP, this PDF viewer is powerful and cost-free.

Usage Tips:

After free pdf readers for Windows download, Carry out the installation and then run it. Then, choose the File and then open the necessary PDF. After you've opened the File, you may read it or make changes.

What We Like The Most:

Foxit is a wonderful choice if you need to produce PDFs often for work and want to work together on the same File. It also has several built-in safeguards, such as password protection, digital signatures, and encryption, to ensure that your PDFs remain secure and private.


Sumatra PDF is simple to use and quick to load but lacks more sophisticated capabilities like annotation, document signature, and form filling.

Key Features:

  1. PDF files may be viewed in various ways (from a single page to a whole book or presentation) and navigated using a variety of shortcuts.

  2. Although it has a low learning curve, it also allows for extensive customization.

  3. When working with a PDF file, you may save time and effort using the many available keyboard shortcuts.

System support:

Windows versions 11, 10, 8.1, 7, and XP are among the supported systems.

Usage Tips:

  1. Install and launch the Sumatra free PDF reader for windows form filler. 

  2. Any new or previously stored documents can be viewed or created once the program is launched. 

  3. The view and tools menus allow you to go to the next page, perform zooming and panning, and save the current pdf as a favourite.

What We Like The Most:

The several viewing modes available in Sumatra PDF make it simple for users to locate and read the content they seek rapidly.

Nitro Reader

Nitro Reader is lauded for providing an optimal mix of simplicity and powerful capabilities. Aside from the platform's user-friendly design, it also provides a broad range of useful features for working with PDFs in many capacities, including authoring, reviewing, protecting, and sharing.

Key Features:

  1. Digitally signing papers is a breeze with the QuickSign tool included in Nitro Reader.

  2. You can restrict access to your documents to those who have been given your digital certificate.

  3. A PDF draft may be customised in any way you want, down to the colours, fonts, and layout you choose.

  4. The preview window in a PDF reader is where you may make changes, add comments, and respond to criticism.

System support:

All Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7, and XP versions are supported.

Usage Tips:

To access your files:

  1. Go to the Home dashboard and My Documents on the left.

  2. When you're on the page where all your files are stored, choose to Add in the upper-right corner.

  3. Click the proper folder and select your File (s). 

  4. Your chosen files will appear under Files to Upload when you choose them.

What We Like The Most:

This  free PDF reader for Windows converter come close to finding that sweet spot between simplicity and functionality that we've come to appreciate. Also, The PDFs you make with Nitro Reader are accessible with almost all other PDF readers, making it easy and safe to share your work with anybody.


If you need to open or modify a PDF file, go no further than MuPDF, a reliable and popular PDF viewer and editor. You can convert PDF files to HTML, SVG, and CBZ; you can even use it to fill text fields and annotate pages. JavaScript allows you to develop scripts that you can use to modify your documents.

Key Features:

  1. You can use it to annotate and manage your documents in several different ways, such as highlighting text, keeping track of revisions, digitally signing papers, and more.

  2. MuPDF is compatible with Windows and Android and is very lightweight.

  3. Two-factor Authentication is an additional security feature available in MuPDF (2FA).

System support:

MuPDF is an open-source, cross-platform PDF reader that works with Windows (11, 10, 8.1, 7, and XP), Linux, and macOS.

Usage Tips:

You will be requested to select a PDF as soon as the MuPDF file has been opened, even before the software's user interface has been shown. Once you do so, you will use the whole program window to display the PDF, with no other choices visible.

What We Like The Most:

MuPDF is the ideal choice if you're looking for a PDF reader with minimal memory requirements yet allows you to view and modify files effortlessly.


Which is the best free PDF reader for PC?

WPS Office is an all-inclusive program for working with PDF files, including reading, editing, and completing forms. It also provides security for PDFs, making it a suitable option for viewing PDFs you bought online. You can download the free trial on their official site at

Is there a free PDF reader for Windows 10?

If you're using Windows, you need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, which is available for free. Numerous useful and cost-free features are included.

What Do We Recommend?

The finest free PDF reader for windows does more than let you edit, view, highlight, and annotate PDFs; they also let you export those PDFs to various file formats. You may quickly change your PDF files using one of the available editors.

Apart from that, a free PDF reader for windows should be easy to work with, perform without hiccups, and provide flawless output. In terms of reading capabilities, WPS Office is without a peer. Do you have your WPS Office? If not, source yours now from:

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