3 Best Free PDF to Word Converter Apps for Mobile and PC

July 31, 20231.9K views

For a variety of reasons, you may need to download and install a pdf to word converter app on your iPhone, Android or laptop. PDF files are the most popular format for exchanging documents; yet, they have limitations that make them difficult to adapt or edit. As a result, you may be seeking a method to convert your PDF files to Word or another editable format. One of the advantages of converting PDF documents to Word format is that they are easier to edit without the need to purchase an expensive PDF editing application. There are several PDF converters available, each with somewhat different characteristics. This blog will discuss many qualities that you may want from a PDF converter in order to convert PDF to word in a secure and easy way.

Best PDF to Word Converter App

1.WPS Office


WPS Office PDF to Word converter is a built-in converter with highest quality and most precise PDF to Word conversion for preserving fonts and layouts, including bullets and tables. Adobe PDF files may be quickly and simply converted to Word with no registration required for rapid conversion. WPS Office PDF to Word Converter can convert and export with a single keystroke. Furthermore, RTF, Native DOC, MS Word-DOC, and MS Word-DOCX are all supported output file formats. When saving, you may choose the format you want. The privacy of our users is protected, and our Privacy Policy is available on the WPS Office website.


  • Amazing fonts and layout retention.
  • No registration required which converts quickly.
  • Very easy to use; just drag n drop.


  • You cannot convert more than 5 files at a time.
  • Comparatively larger size if you are installing it just for conversion.

2.PDF to Word Converter


PDF to Word Converter is an excellent PDF to Word converter tool that allows you to convert PDFs to Word documents fast and easily from anywhere on your Android or iphone. It also allows you to convert PDF to Word from third-party applications such as OneDrive, Dropbox, G-Drive, Box, and so on.


  • No restriction of how many files you have converted.
  • No limit of file size.
  • High quality conversion.
  • Also convert scanned documents and complex formats.


It is comparatively slower than WPS Office while using.

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3.PDF Converter Elite


Do you need a PDF converter for your Android or Apple device? #### Consider utilizing the PDF Converter Elite programme to convert documents from Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Image formats to PDF. The programme allows you to convert several documents to PDF format with a single click, saving you time and enhancing your job productivity.


  • Simple and rapid installation, as well as flawless conversion.
  • Useful for handling distortion-free PDF to Word and PDF to Excel conversions.


The price is not justified because there are cheaper PDF converters available, such as WPS Office.


WPS Office, PDF to Word converter and PDF Converter Elite are the three best PDF to Word converter apps that we have discussed in the blog. Every app is best on its own. WPS Office is good for overall handling PDF files but other two apps only work for conversion. However if you mess with PDFs daily then surely WPS Office is best for you to edit, convert and compress PDFs for free. Download the WPS Office App now.

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