How to Convert PPT to PDF on a Mobile and Laptop? Your Free Guide!

July 31, 20232.5K views

Do you want to share a PPT file with your team? But you do not want others to change the file format of your presentation anyway? I have a simple and handy solution to this. And that is, you should save it as a PDF file before sharing. The WPS Office has smart features to make constant conversions.

If you want to learn how to convert PPT to PDF on mobile and Laptop online in 2022, the steps are given right here:

Convert PPT to PDF on a Laptop or Windows in WPS Office

You can use the useful WPS applications of Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentations with a single mouse click. You are completely in control of using any file format you want for improved privacy and security on-the-go.

Laptop or Windows Conversion

1-Load the PPT in the WPS Office tool.


2-Head to the Tools tab and click on it.


3-Select the option Export to PDF.


4-Now, in the Export to the PDF dialog box, set the path to save the exported PDF file at Save Path.


5-Enter the no. of slides to convert to the Export range.


6-Click Export to PDF.


So, you have learned how to convert PPT to PDF on mobile and Laptop. Practice more to get proficient at any skill!

Convert PPT to PDF on a Mobile in WPS Office

Before handing over your important PPT file to the people, you can convert it to PDF to save the backup. In this section of our free guide, I will explain the steps you should take to convert PPT to PDF on your Android device.

So, let’s dive in!

Mobile Conversion

Here’s how you can convert PPT to PDF on mobile with WPS Office for free in 2022.

1-Open WPS Office on your mobile.


2-Load the desired PPT file you want to convert to PDF on your Android.


3-Tap the Tools button. You will find it in the lower left corner of the screen.


4-Tap Save As or Export to PDF.


5-Click on Export to PDF.


6-Further, you will be asked to buy a Premium membership of $4 to make PPT to PDF conversions.


Above are the steps to convert PPT to PDF on mobile and Laptop. Save a lot of your time by using the exceptional features of WPS Office.

Wrapping Up

I hope the above article guided you about a common in-demand skill ?How to convert PPT to PDF on mobile, Laptop, or Windows. If you stay persistent in practicing the WPS Office skills, you will produce improved work in a very short period like a pro!

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