4 Best Free PDF Converter Apps for Mobile and Laptop

July 31, 20233.7K views

PDF documents are good for distributing and preserving the information. Although PDFs have small file size as compared to images and .docs, it does not lose the quality of the file. On the other hand it becomes terrible when we want to edit them. For editing PDFs, there are many softwares available in the market but quickly converting PDF to Word or Excel is the best remedy. No, what is the best PDF converter app to convert PDF on mobile as well as laptops? This blog will answer this query by covering the Best PDF Converter App For Mobile and Laptops offline.

4 Best PDF Converter App For Mobile and Laptops offline

Many People think that PDFs are not convertible on iPhone and Android but actually - they are. I will try my best to enlist the efficient free apps for iPhone and Android, and also that would be available on Windows and Mac too, to convert PDF.

WPS Office


WPS Office is an all-in-one office suit which has a built-in PDF converter. You can convert Image to PDF, Excel to PDF, Word to PDF, PDF to Excel and PDF to Word for free. It is a comparatively lighter app and a quick solution to convert PDF.


  • Best for converting as well as editing PDFs.

  • Quick and lighter app.

  • A bunch of other converters and editors.


  • Not all PDF editing features are free.

  • You have to sign in to use their services.

  • Available on all app-stores; Apple store, Windows store and Google Play Store.

Adobe Acrobat


As PDFs are invented by Adobe, then of course Adobe Acrobat will be a good choice to convert PDF. This app is compatible with both iPhone and android. You can convert PDFs on adobe acrobat app.


  • Authoritative and trustable app to convert PDF.

  • Free PDF editing features but limited.


  • Poor OCR functionality in detecting handwritten text for converting images to PDF.

  • More space required on RAM.

  • Sign Up is very Awkward in this app too.

  • Available on all app-stores; Apple store, Windows store and Google Play Store.

Check here to get more information about the latest version of Adobe Acrobat: Everything about Adobe Acrobat Latest Version



Foxit app does not have all the necessary PDF features but it is intuitive and a quick way to convert your PDF.


  • Feature to allow team members to collaborate.

  • A simple and lighter app for conversion of PDFs.


  • Poor OCR functionality.

  • Could not convert PDFs to ePubs file formats.

  • Available on all app-stores; Apple store, Windows store and Google Play Store.

Able2Extract PDF Converter


Able2Extract PDF Converter is a free app to convert PDFs. It is not only good at converting PDF to Word but also PDF to Excel and other formats.


  • Much lighter app available for iPhone and Android both.

  • No file size limit.


  • Cannot open a PDF file however can convert those.

  • Even you cannot convert a common JPG format to PDF on this app.

  • Available on all app-stores; Apple store, Windows store and Google Play Store.


Converting PDF to editable format is always a challenging situation. This blog has discussed the best free PDF converter apps. Recently there is pdf to ai converter, which is also easy to get started. All apps are ranked according to features available, and their availability on different apps stores according to the size of the app. WPS Office is the best option to handle or convert PDF.

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