3 Best Websites to Download Printable KWL Chart PDF

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Efficient learning is fostered through concise, engaging content that empowers learners to reach their full potential. Strategic pre-planning of lectures and content aids in boosting metacognition, promoting self-awareness and effective learning. In this article, we will explore reputable platforms offering downloadable and printable KWL chart PDFs, facilitating seamless integration of this effective learning resource into your educational journey.

 Top Website for KWL templates

Where to Download KWL Chart PDF Templates for Free

A KWL chart is an educational tool that effectively enhances students’ metacognition and ability to promote questioning. This template helps students as well as educators to keep track of the prior knowledge, learning process during lessons, and learning outcomes after delivering the lesson.

The acronym “KWL” is a combination of three words, K stands for “Know,” W stands for “ What to know,” and L stands for “Learned.”

These three sections of the KWL chart represent the complete learning strategy that promotes the metacognitions of students.

  1. Know: It’s a most interesting section, and your whole process of teaching is based on this section. In this section, students write their prior knowledge about a specific topic of lesson or research project.

  2. Want to Know: This section greatly instigates the students to learn new things. It promotes students’ exploring abilities and high-order thinking. It also opens up new doors for learning efficiently for students.

  3. Learned: In the Learned column, students describe the points they have understood after the educator delivers the lesson. They elaborate and co-relate all sections with each other.

3 Best Websites that Offer Printable KWL Chart Pdf

1. Pinterest

If you want free printable KWL chart templates, Pinterest web is your go-to platform. It’s a versatile website that offers not only a wide range of KWL charts with different variations but also tons of templates related to aspects of life. With a simple search, you'll uncover a plethora of KWL templates that will spark curiosity and enhance your learning journey.

Pinterest KWL templates

The uniqueness of Pinterest as a platform for KWL chart PDF templates is its versatility and customization. Pinterest offers a wide range of printable KWL chart PDF templates with different variations, as well as templates related to various aspects of life, such as education, fashion, travel, and motivation. This makes it a unique platform that can meet the needs of different users.

Simple KWL Chart

Additionally, Pinterest has a vibrant and elegant interface that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, allowing users to seamlessly explore its stunning templates.


  • Customize content according to your preference.

  • Easy and elegant interface.

  • The Wealth of templates on diversified categories


  • Advertisements create clutter while browsing.

2. Template.net

Template.net stands out as a dynamic platform that caters to a diverse range of needs, including KWL chart PDF. These templates are editable and printable, and users can also download free KWL chart PDF in Word format. With its extensive collection of one million plus templates, it offers a unique advantage for those seeking customizable and easy-to-use KWL chart templates.

Template.net KWL Templates

Whether you're exploring new topics or delving deeper into existing knowledge, Template.net's KWL chart PDFs are the perfect companion to boost your metacognition and enhance your learning process.

Free High School KWL Chart


  • Extensive collection of templates.

  • Diversified file formats are available.

  • Editable, printable, and downloadable templates.


  • Limited online services distract the editing process.

  • An excessive number of page Ads & pop-up Ads.

  • Premium templates are paid.

World of Printables  

World of Printables stands out as a KWL chart enthusiast's haven. Among its extensive array of templates, it excels in providing a rich collection of KWL chart variations suitable for all learning stages. From vibrant and graphical designs to classic Word and PDF formats, World of Printables ensures every KWL chart caters to diverse preferences.

World of Printable KWL templates

With its user-friendly interface and easy navigation, discovering the perfect KWL chart template is a breeze. Whether you're a curious student, an eager teacher, or a dedicated office worker, World of Printables has the ideal KWL chart to fuel your knowledge journey. The best part? You can edit, print, and download your chosen template effortlessly, ensuring you have a tangible copy at your fingertips for effective note-taking and learning. Embrace the KWL flavor at World of Printables and unlock the power of organized and insightful exploration.

Printable KWL Chart


  • It provides editable and printable templates.

  • Easy-to-use interface.

  • Ready-to-print feature.


  • Has a limited range of templates than other sites.

Some Other Free Templates

1. Blank KWL chart

This captivating and free KWL chart PDF by template.net is a visually appealing chart featuring a delightful blend of purple and white stripes, making learning a joyous experience. With dedicated sections for "Know," "Want to Know," and "Learned," it's the perfect tool to guide effective communication and enhance your learning process. Personalize it by adding your name and date for a touch of uniqueness.

Blank KWL chart

2. KWL Chart Templates

This colorful KWL chart PDF template is designed specifically for kids! This delightful chart features columns without text lines, giving kids ample space to jot down their thoughts without constraints, allowing their playful nature to shine.

The vibrant colors and fun stickers adorning the chart make it visually engaging and exciting for kids to use. As they embark on their learning journey, this free KWL chart PDF becomes a powerful tool, enhancing their curiosity and enabling them to explore new topics with enthusiasm.

KWL Chart Templates

3. Free Printable KWL Chart

The colorful KWL chart PDF template offers users a visually appealing and enjoyable tool to track their daily learning journey. With both lined and blank columns, they can effortlessly list and organize their newfound knowledge. By adding their name and date, they can easily keep track of their progress over time. Additionally, the convenient slot for labeling ensures that no topic learned is ever missed.

Free Printable KWL Chart



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WPS Office editing tools

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WPS Office

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WPS Office print your template


  • Simple and user-friendly interface.

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Q1. Can KWL charts be used for individual study?

Yes, the KWL chart can be used for individual study as well as group study. Both ways would be effective for students' learning. Individually, the KWL chart can unleash the student’s exploring ability and upgrade his curiosity to learn based on prior knowledge.

Q2. What are the limitations of KWL charts?

The KWL chart has some limitations. It’s a reader-centered process that mainly focuses on the Know section. Sometimes the students don’t have any idea about the specific topic. Consequently, they just assume or guess about the topic or might mix up inaccurate and wrong concepts that make the learning process vague and ineffective.

Q3.  Are the KWL chart templates offered by Pinterest, template.net, and World of Printables editable in the WPS Office?

Yes, WPS Office enables easy editing of KWL chart templates from Pinterest, template.net, and World of Printables. Users can customize content, layout, and design, save as PDF files, and use them for classes or teaching purposes. WPS Office makes working with these templates easy and offers an easy editing experience.

Q4. Can KWL charts be utilized for various grade levels and subjects?

KWL charts may be utilized for a variety of grade levels and subjects, making them appropriate for various kinds of classrooms. KWL charts are useful tools for instructors at all grade levels, from kindergarten to high school, since they are versatile in engaging students and improving their learning experiences.

Q5. What are the advantages of using KWL charts for children with diverse learning styles or special needs?

KWL charts aid children with various learning methods and special needs in a variety of ways:

  • The graphical format of the charts benefits visual learners.

  • Auditory learners can discuss the contents of the chart verbally.

  • Children with special disabilities can efficiently organize information and monitor their learning development.

  • The adaptability of KWL charts allows teachers to customize them using images, symbols, or assistive technology to meet the requirements of particular students.

Path to Enhanced Learning: KWL Chart Templates!

KWL chart template pdf seems a booster in the learning strategy. It enhances the students’ metacognition ability and levels up their learning, exploring, and curiosity. We have presented an unbiased review of top trending websites that allow you to download printable KWL chart PDF templates. WPS Office shines as a sparkling star among the galaxy of best websites. Its versatility makes you capable of using its premium features for free to take your productivity to the next level. So, download WPS Office today and get the optimal advantages of its free services.

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