3 Best Websites to Download Free Macarons Template PDF

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Fancy a bite of Parisian elegance in your kitchen? Yes, we're talking about the famous French dessert - Macarons. Their popularity has soared, igniting a spark of homemade macaron passion.

However, achieving that perfect, symmetrical shape poses a challenge. We understand your macaron-shaped dilemmas, and thus, in this article, we've curated a list of the top three websites where you can download free macaron template PDFs. Coupled with a little guide on customizing them using WPS Office, you'll soon be whipping up beautiful batches of homemade macarons.

Free Macarons Template PDF Templates from Top 3 Websites

#1 Template.net

printable macarons template pdf

One of the online portals that stands tall in the domain of digital templates is Template.net. An unrivaled resource in providing a vast array of templates, the website has garnered significant attention from those seeking specific and well-structured design resources.

A fine example of this wide range can be seen in their offerings of macarons templates in PDF format.

The real power of Template.net lies in the remarkable diversity of its offerings. There's hardly any template category you won't find on this site, allowing users to experiment and explore a vast range of designs.

If you're seeking a Macarons template in PDF format, there's a high likelihood you'll find one that aligns with your vision and project requirements on Template.net.


  • Comprehensive Collection of Templates

The main advantage of Template.net is its impressive collection of templates. The website ensures that whatever you need, from a business flyer to a macarons template, there's something for you.

The high degree of customization makes it even easier to tailor your chosen template to your requirements.

  • High-Quality Designs

The designs found on Template.net are of professional quality. For instance, the attention to detail in their macarons templates ensures a visually appealing and well-structured layout that can effectively meet your requirements.


  • Inadequate Interactive Online Features

One area where Template.net needs to improve is its limited interactive online features. The user experience could be improved by providing more engaging online capabilities, like live editing or real-time collaboration.

  • Distracting Advertisements

A large number of pop-up ads and page ads can mar the browsing experience on Template.net. These can disrupt your creative process, particularly when you're in the middle of selecting the perfect macarons template.

  • Prevalence of Premium Templates

While the website offers free templates, many of the most appealing or detailed ones require payment. It could disadvantage users on a budget or those looking for free resources.

Tip: If you are interested in exploring Template.net's collection of macaron templates, you can access them directly using this free macarons template pdf link.

#2 Bridal Shower 101

free macarons template pdf

The next website that stands head and shoulders above others in providing beautiful, free macaron templates is Bridal Shower 101. But what makes it a great source for macaron enthusiasts and party planners? Let's explore the pros and cons to understand better.


  • An Array of Template Choices

At Bridal Shower 101, variety is the name of the game. Whether you're a novice baker attempting to make macarons for the first time or an experienced pastry chef looking for a fresh design, you'll find an extensive selection of templates to match your needs. Each template is downloadable as a PDF, so it's easy to print and use

  • Comprehensive Guidance

What sets Bridal Shower 101 apart is its comprehensive introduction to each template. Every design is accompanied by a detailed explanation, including how to use it, what size piping bag to use, and even tips for perfect macaron shells.

It means that even beginners can get to grips with the process and deliver delightful treats for the bridal shower.


  • Long-Form Content

While detailed information is beneficial, it can be overwhelming for some users. Some articles on Bridal Shower 101 could be shorter, which could deter those looking for quick, straightforward information.

However, the sheer value of the content can offset the length, provided you have the time to engage with it.

  • Limited Relevant Tips

Though the site provides plenty of template-specific instructions, it must offer wider, relevant information for planning a bridal shower. For instance, tips on macaron flavors to pair with specific themes would be helpful additions that users might miss.

Tip: For an optimal user experience, you can navigate directly to the Macaron Templates page viathis link. It bypasses the site's other sections and takes you straight to the heart of macaron goodness.

#3 My French Recipe

My French Recipe

Last, but not least, My French Recipe is a must-visit resource. It offers a great assortment of traditional French recipes and provides the quintessential guide for beginners in macaron making: free macaron templates.

These PDF templates can take your homemade macarons to the next level, guiding consistent size and shape crucial for these delicate delights.


  • Simple and User-friendly

One of the primary advantages of My French Recipe's macaron templates is their simplicity. The templates are thoughtfully designed to cater to individuals who are new to the art of making macarons.

With straightforward outlines to guide your piping, it offers an easy-to-follow guide that can help transform a complicated task into a more manageable endeavor.


  • Presence of Ads

One downside is the presence of lesson ads that appear on the site. Although they are intended to promote the site's other offerings, they can become a distraction, especially when you focus on perfecting your macaron shapes.

  • Lack of Clear Instructions

Although the templates are easy to use once understood, they need a clearer and more concise introduction to effectively use them. For a beginner, it can lead to clarity and interpretation, which might impact the outcome of their macarons.

Tip: To find the best macaron templates on this website, directly navigate to their specific macaron templates page. This way, you bypass unnecessary information and get to the needed resource.

How to Edit PDF for Free in WPS Office

WPS Office is a free office software suite presented in a high-performance package. The platform provides a range of functionalities, making it an ideal choice for those who want to print and edit the templates they download.

It's known for its clean, simple interface that is user-friendly, making it an accessible choice for beginners and seasoned professionals alike.

The platform is free to use and offers several other benefits that enhance its utility. One of its notable features is the vast collection of templates available in the WPS Office App. This attribute makes it ideal for those who want to diversify their content and presentations with unique templates.


  • High Compatibility

WPS Office is distinguished by its high compatibility. It supports various file formats, making it a reliable choice for those who work with diverse document types. This feature also eases sharing files with others, ensuring no formatting issues arise.

  • User-Friendly Interface

The platform boasts a clean and simple interface that makes navigating different tasks a breeze. This user-friendly design helps improve productivity and efficiency, allowing users to focus more on their tasks and less on figuring out the software.

  • Wide Array of Templates

The WPS Office App has many templates catering to many design preferences. It enables users to create unique and compelling presentations or documents.

Moreover, these templates can be easily edited to fit specific needs, giving users more control over their work.

  • Printable and Editable Templates

With WPS Office, printing your templates is straightforward. Plus, it allows you to edit the templates you download, providing an added layer of customization. This adaptability ensures you can tailor your content to precise needs and specifications.

  • Homemade Template Export & Edit

Another best feature of WPS Office is the ability to export and edit homemade templates. This feature allows users to create templates, personalize them, and use them in different documents.

It promotes creativity and personalization, taking your presentations or files to a new level of originality.

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How to Use WPS Office for Template Editing?

Step 1: Start at the WPS Office homepage. From the menu, choose 'Apps,' then click 'Templates'. It leads you to a myriad of free, user-friendly templates.

Select Templates

Step 2: Take a moment to explore and choose a template that aligns with your requirements. Once decided, download it by simply clicking 'Use Now'.

Choosing the Right Template

Step 3: Want to wait to commit? No worries, preview your choice first. Click on the thumbnail, have a look, and if you're satisfied, click on 'Free Use' to download.

Previewing the Template

Step 4: The downloaded template will open automatically. That is where you begin your editing journey, shaping the document according to your needs.

Editing the Downloaded Template


1. What Makes a Perfect Macaron?

A perfect macaron has a smooth, shiny surface, a crisp outer shell, a chewy interior, and a pronounced "foot" or frilly edge at the base. Flavor-wise, it should be sweet but balanced, with the filling complementing the cookie.

2. What Are the Most Common Mistakes in Making Macarons?

The most common mistakes in making macarons include overmixing or undermixing the batter, not allowing the piped macarons to dry long enough before baking, and using a baking temperature that's too high or low.

3. Is Sugar Important for Macarons?

Yes, sugar is important for macarons. It helps in creating structure, sweetness, and texture. Powdered sugar is usually preferred as it dissolves easily and absorbs moisture in the batter.


For those seeking free macaron template PDFs, Template.net, Bridal Shower 101, and My French Recipe are excellent resources.

Template.net offers a comprehensive collection of templates, although it lacks interactive features and has distracting advertisements. Bridal Shower 101 provides a wide array of templates with detailed guidance, though some content may be lengthy. My French Recipe offers simple and user-friendly templates, although clear instructions must be provided.

As for editing templates, WPS Office is highly recommended due to its high compatibility, user-friendly interface, a wide array of templates, and the ability to print and edit downloaded templates for personalized creations.

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