3 Best Websites to Download Free Printable Gingerbread House Templates

July 14, 20231.7K views

Get ready for some holiday fun with a homemade gingerbread house. With so many designs on the web, finding the perfect template can seem tricky. But we've got you covered! We’ve searched the internet for the best websites for free, easy-to-use Gingerbread House Templates. So, grab your apron, gather your sweets, and start building a masterpiece with the perfect plan!

Where to Download Printable Gingerbread House Templates for Free?

Below are the three Top 3 Free Gingerbread House Templates websites:

1. Simplejoy.com

simplejoy’s Gingerbread House Template PDF

SimpleJoy, known for its comprehensive selection of food and craft-related content, is the go-to resource for anyone seeking free printable gingerbread house templates. With their user-friendly approach, they have mastered the art of providing quality content for all kinds of seasonal crafts and recipes, and their gingerbread house templates printable pdf are no exception.

One of the best gingerbread house template printable pdf SimpleJoy offers is their Gingerbread House Template Printable. The template comes with a corresponding gingerbread house recipe, and the dough it makes is just right to fit the template, eliminating any guesswork or wastage.


  • User-friendly Design

The website is easy to use, perfect for bakers of all skill levels.

  • Integrated Recipe

Each template has a matching recipe, ensuring a perfect fit and minimizing wastage.

  • Practical Tips

The site offers valuable tips like decorating the pieces before assembly, making the process more manageable.


  • Excessive Advertisements

One downside is the overabundance of ads, which can distract users.

  • Cluttered Interface

The website's interface can feel narrow and cluttered, which might detract from the overall user experience.

  • Ad Obstruction

Some users have reported that ads sometimes impede the site's content, which can be annoying and potentially disruptive.

Best For

SimpleJoy’s gingerbread house template printable pdf is best for DIY enthusiasts starting their holiday traditions and would appreciate a user-friendly, reliable template. Whether a novice baker or an experienced craftsman, SimpleJoy's comprehensive and integrated approach ensures a hassle-free, enjoyable experience that adds joy to your holiday season.

2. Bestgingerbreadhouses.com

best gingerbread houses’s Free Gingerbread House Template

If you're an enthusiast of gingerbread house creations, there's a site tailored just for you – Best Gingerbread Houses. This niche website is dedicated solely to providing knowledge on gingerbread houses. What is best about this site is its vast collection of gingerbread house template printable pdf. The dedicated web page is a virtual treasure trove for those seeking varied designs for their next culinary architecture project.


  • A Large Selection of Gingerbread House Templates

Best Gingerbread Houses excel in the variety of gingerbread house templates. Their extensive collection will surely cater to every taste, from simple, beginner-friendly designs to intricate, advanced-level architectural wonders. This extensive choice makes it easier for users to find the perfect design that aligns with their skill level and creativity.

  • A Specialized Gingerbread House Website

Another major plus for Best Gingerbread Houses.com is its focus on gingerbread houses. This professional website provides detailed guidance and expertise in this niche field, setting it apart from other generalist DIY or cooking websites.

  • Encouraging Community Engagement

Best Gingerbread Houses also encourage its users to engage in meaningful discussions. The comments section under each template allows for interaction between gingerbread house enthusiasts, fostering a community spirit and offering a platform to exchange tips, suggestions, and experiences.


  • Outdated Content

While the website boasts a wealth of information and many templates, it is essential to mention that some content needs to be updated. This lack of up-to-date information could misguide users or limit their ability to keep up with current trends in gingerbread house creation.

  • Overwhelming Advertisements

One considerable downside of Best Gingerbread Houses is the excessive number of ads that pop up while browsing. This high ad frequency could distract users from their primary purpose - browsing and selecting the perfect gingerbread house template.

Best For

Best GingerBread Houses’ templates are best for their diversity and the site's specialized focus on gingerbread houses. This makes it an ideal choice for individuals passionate about gingerbread house creation, regardless of their skill level. If you're willing to navigate through the occasional ad and perhaps some outdated content, this site could be a treasure trove of inspiration for your next gingerbread project.

3. Template.net

template.net’s Plan Gingerbread House Template

Last but not least, for an array of creative design templates, Template.net is a renowned resource that offers an impressive assortment of printable designs. Notably, their gingerbread house templates are particularly appealing for DIY baking projects. But before diving in, users should be aware that while the site has many templates, it is also known for its numerous ads and paid content.


  • A Plethora of Template Options

The primary advantage of Template.net is its vast selection of templates. You can find an array of gingerbread house designs, from quaint little cottages to elaborate mansions. The sheer variety of templates ensures you can find the right one that aligns with your skill level, creativity, and project requirements.


  • Limited Online Services

Unfortunately, Template.net falls short when it comes to its online services. The limited functionality might affect the user experience, making it harder to navigate the website and utilize its offerings effectively.

  • Intrusive Advertisements

The most significant issue with Template.net is the abundance of ads. There are numerous page ads, and users have to deal with disruptive pop-up ads. This excessive advertising can make the browsing experience less enjoyable and impede the process of finding and downloading the perfect gingerbread house template.

  • Predominance of Paid Templates

While Template.net does provide free templates, many are locked behind a paywall. The prevalence of paid templates might be a drawback for users looking for free resources to kickstart their gingerbread house project.

Best For

Template.net can be an excellent source for users willing to pay for unique, high-quality gingerbread house templates. Suppose you're looking for variety and are okay with navigating the numerous ads or even spending a bit. In that case, Template.net offers an abundant selection of gingerbread house templates printable pdf that could make your gingerbread house project a remarkable one.

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1. How Do You Make a Gingerbread House Step by Step?

To make a gingerbread house, start baking gingerbread dough until it's firm and golden. Then, carefully cut out shapes for the walls, roof, and other components. Use royal icing to glue the pieces together and let them dry before adding decorative touches with icing and candies.

2. Is It Cheaper to Make Your Own Gingerbread House?

Making your gingerbread house can save you money compared to purchasing expensive custom designs. While pre-assembled kits can vary, they typically range from $8.3 for a basic kit to over $78,000 for intricate, high-end options adorned with precious gems. The cost will depend on your desired level of extravagance.

3. What Is the Gingerbread House Template Size?

A typical gingerbread house consists of six pieces. The sides are 4 cm by 8 cm, the front and back have an isosceles triangle on top, and the base is 9cm long. The total height to the peak is 11cm, and the top pieces are 10cm x 9cm rectangles.

4. What Is an Alternative to Gingerbread House Template Printable Pdf?

If you're looking for an alternative to a gingerbread house, graham crackers can be a great option. They are lighter and easier to work with, making construction more stable and less likely to collapse. Using graham crackers allows for creativity while being more forgiving than gingerbread kits.


Creating a gingerbread house from scratch is a festive and rewarding activity. Finding the perfect gingerbread house template printable pdf is easy with websites such as SimpleJoy, Best Gingerbread Houses, and Template.net, each offering unique advantages and catering to different skill levels. Despite ads and occasional paid content, these resources are invaluable for holiday DIY enthusiasts.

When editing and printing your gingerbread house templates, WPS Office stands out as an excellent free option. Its user-friendly interface and versatile functionality make it the ideal tool for customizing your templates, ensuring you get the perfect gingerbread house design for your holiday celebrations.

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