A Comprehensive Guide to Use iLovePDF (Web, Desktop & Mobile)

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I love PDF and work with PDF files every day. So you must familar with ILovePDF. iLovePDF is a powerful PDF tool that can help you manage all your PDF needs in one place. Most often, users keep searching for ways to convert, edit, merge, split, or compress PDF files but can’t find the right tools, and all this fuss can be time-consuming and frustrating. So, the question is how iLovePDF is the best tool to convert and edit PDF files and how you can use it to your advantage. Love PDF, then just read this article as we explain all this and many more comprehensively.

Part 1: What is iLovePDF?

iLovePDF is an online platform that offers a suite of tools for working with PDF (Portable Document Format) files. It provides a range of features and functionalities to help users manipulate and manage PDF documents efficiently.

Some of its most important features and functionalities include PDF conversion, PDF compression, PDF editing, PDF protection, PDF organization, and PDF OCR. It provides a user-friendly interface and offers both web-based tools and integration options for popular cloud storage platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Which Version to Choose?





$4 monthly

$7 monthly

$7 monthly

Key Features

  • Scan documents

  • PDF Editor

  • E-Signing and scanner

  • File manager

  • Cloud Storage


  • PDF Creation

  • PDF editing

  • PDF conversion

  • PDF conversion to

    other formats

Bulk Operation

Unlimited document processing with the paid version

Unlimited conversions and compressions

Unlimited processing with no ads

Cloud Storage





  • Easy to navigate

  • File format


  • Batch processing

  • Free and paid options

  • Intuitive interface

  • Efficient performance

  • for both iOS and

  • Android

  • Wide range of features

  • Online and offline


  • Security and privacy


  • Internet connection


  • File size and usage


  • Limited advanced

      editing options

  • Service availability

    and reliability

  • Advanced features

    only available while


  • File installation


Both web and desktop versions of iLovePDF are a great option to consider if you want to process and work with PDF files. Both of these versions have their own functionalities and features.

For example, if you want to perform PDF functions more efficiently and, in a hurry, then the web version is better than the desktop version. However, the desktop version also has its own advantages, including local processing of files and no need for an internet connection if you simply want to open and read a PDF document.

So, the best advice from our side is that you should use both versions depending on your daily usage and accessibility.

Part 2: How to Download & Use iLovePDF (on Web)


You can use the web version of iLovePDF by going to their website. The URL of the website is provided here: https://www.ilovepdf.com/

Common features

iLovePDF provides all the tools you need to edit, convert, organize, merge, and compress PDF files

Here is a list of key PDF editing tools on the web:

  • Converting PDF Files

  • Editing PDF Files

  • Merging and Splitting PDF Files

  • Compressing PDF Files

  • Protecting PDF Files

  • Sign a PDF

  • OCR on PDF File


Step 1: Go to the iLovePDF website by searching on the search engine or directly access the web version by following this URL: https://www.ilovepdf.com/

On this page, look for the “edit PDF” option and click it to continue editing your PDF file/s.

iLovePDF functions

Step 2: After clicking, you will be directed to the new window where you will be asked to upload a PDF file to get started. You can upload a file from Cloud Storage or your PC.

iLovePDF file open

Step 3: The uploaded file will be opened in the browser, and you can edit by using the options provided by iLovePDF tool. You can add images, additional text, and shapes as you want. Once you are done, click the “Edit PDF” in the bottom right and your file will be ready for download.

iLovePDF edit file

Step 4: Click on the “Download” button to download the updated PDF to your PC. You can also share it online or save it to cloud storage right from here.

iLovePDF how to download file


  1. Explore additional features of the website beyond the basics to have more features at your hand

  2. You will not be able to do batch operation on the website

  3. There are certain file restrictions, so make sure you are aware of them.


  • Easy to navigate

  • File format compatibility

  • Batch processing

  • Free and paid options

  • Intuitive interface

  • Security and privacy


  • Certain file format restrictions

  • Limited basic functionalities available in free format

Part 3: How to Download & Use iLovePDF (on Phone)


If you want to use iLovePDF on your web browser on your phone, you can search for iLovePDF on the browser and use the website to edit your PDF files. OR, you can also click on this link  https://www.ilovepdf.com/mobile to access the mobile app link of the iLovePDF.

Another way is to go to the Play Store or Apple Store on your phone and download and install the apk mobile app on your device.

Common features

  1. PDF conversion

  2. Merge and Split PDFs

  3. PDF editing

  4. PDF compression

  5. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  6. Cloud storage integration

  7. Batch processing


Step 1: Open the iLovePDF app on your mobile device and click on the “Tools” icon on the bottom taskbar of the app.

tools on iLovePDF mobile

Step 2: In the tools section, you will see multiple file options, including merge PDFs, split PDFs, and edit PDF. Select “Edit PDF” from here and you will be directed to open a PDF document to edit.

edit pdf by mobile ilovepdf

Step 3: Open the document from your PC storage and click “Next” to move to the editing screen.

Step 4: You will get multiple PDF edit options on the screen of your app. Select any of them like sign PDF to sign your document.

ilovepdf sign window

When you are done editing your file, just exit the app, and your file will be automatically saved to your mobile device.


  1. Always download apk files from a trusted source like Google Play.

  2. Take care while editing documents containing your personal information.

  3. Use an internet connection from a trusted provider, so you can rest assured your data is secure


  • Easy to use interface

  • Simple steps to edit PDF files

  • Cloud storage integration options


  • The user can not log in the google drive to the ILovePDF app to upload a PDF file

  • A limited number of functionalities are available in the free version.

Part 4: How to download & Use iLovePDF (on Desktop)


You can either go to the browser on your desktop and open the iLovePDF to edit PDFs on the web. Or you can also download the desktop software to edit PDFs in your computer in offline mode. You can download the desktop software from this link: https://www.ilovepdf.com/desktop

Common features

  1. Split PDFs

  2. PDF repair

  3. PDF conversion to images and docx files

  4. PDF password protection

  5. PDFs merge option

  6. Sign PDF


Step 1: Go to the iLovePDF website and look for iLovePDF Desktop download window. You can also directly access the download window by going to the URL: https://www.ilovepdf.com/desktop

iLovePDF for desktop version window

Step 2: Right click on the downloaded file of iLovePDF and click on “Run as Administrator” to install the file.

iLovePDF run as administrator options

Step 3: After you click it, you will be directed to another window that will start the installation of iLovePDF on your PC.

iLovePDF getting installed on windows PC

Step 4: Go to the iLovePDF application on your PC by searching for it in windows start bar and open it. After opening the application, you will see the option to “open file” in the main screen of the app. Click this option to select a PDF file from your PC and edit it in the app.

ilovepdf pc application open file

Step 5: In the side pane of the application, you will see multiple options to edit your PDF file. You can select any of the options you want to edit your PDF file. In this case, we have selected the watermark option to watermark a PDF file. Click on the watermark and choose the text of the watermark. After clicking “add watermark”, the changes will apply to your PDF file.

ilovepdf watermark adding

Step 6: You can then save your file on your PC or share it online with anyone you want. Just as shown in the picture, you can open the location of the saved file if you want to see where your updated PDF file is saved.

open file location for ilovepdf


  • Always save changes as you make them to avoid any setbacks

  • Use the application with an internet connection to avail more functionality

  • Always download the installation file from the website of iLovePDF and no other source.


  • Multiple editing options included

  • A plethora of offline functionalities

  • Freedom to edit your file as you want and save it on your PC

  • A Wide variety of features included in free version


  • File installation problems

  • Service availability and reliability problems

Part 5: Best Alternatives to iLovePDF:

1. WPS Office

WPS PDF editor free

If you are looking for the best alternative to iLovePDF file editor, we recommend you use WPS office that has a wide variety of features and functionalities to create and edit your files. You can go to the website of WPS to learn more about their PDF editor software: https://www.wps.com


  • Create and edit files in multiple formats, including .docx, PDF, ppt, and xlsx.

  • Desktop and mobile apps available for free usage


  • Free usage

  • A plethora of online templates


  • Unavailability of certain advanced features.

If you want to download WPS Office on your desktop or mobile, the process is quite easy. Go to the website of the WPS here to find the application for your PC, Mac, or Linux. 

2. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat main homepage

Using Adobe Acrobat is the best possible way to create, edit, and share PDF files. You can use this tool on your desktop to edit PDF files and password protect them within just a few clicks. It can be downloaded from the Adobe website for free.



  • Advanced PDF creation and editing

  • Enough functionality in the free version

  • Document protection options


  • High subscription fee

  • Takes a lot of disc space

3. Small PDF

Smallpdf start the trial page

SmallPDF is one of the best PDF document-creating and editing tools that are dedicated to editing and creating PDF files.


  • Quality PDF compression

  • PDF merging

  • eSign tools for PDF

  • PDF conversion


  • Edit PDF files in a web browser without downloading

  • Easy steps to convert PDF files


  • Internet connection needed for operation


Q1:  What are the Pricing and Plans for iLovePDF

The pricing for iLovePDF is starting at $4.0 per month for the lowest plan. However, you can also use it for free for a limited number of conversions without paying subscription fee.

Q2: How to cancel the subscription?

You can cancel the subscription at any time, but the cancellation will be effective from the start of next month and the end of the current one. You can also go to the contact page of the website and contact them for the cancellation of your subscription.

Q3: Can I Buy one of the features of iLovePDF?

Yes, you can buy one of the features of iLovePDF by choosing the plan that is right for you. There are different plans available on the website and you can choose the right one according to your needs.

Q4: How to Sign with Digital Signatures?

  1. Select the PDF file

  2. Go to the signing tool on iLovePDF

  3. Fill in your name for the signatures.

  4. Upload the image of your signatures to paste it onto the document


You have learned how to create a PDF file in iLovePDF and learned all the possible features of iLovePDF. You can use this efficient tool to create, edit, and share PDF files on your PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone.

However, if you want to work more efficiently and in a secure environment, we recommend you use WPS Office Suite to edit and share PDF files. WPS Office has a complete set of applications from Word to presentations and PDFs.

With the WPS PDF editor by your side, you can work efficiently with PDF files, and the best part about all this is that the WPS software is completely free to use.

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