Adobe Reader DC Vs. Adobe Acrobat DC Free Trial

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You will be able to gain an understanding of some of the distinctions that exist between Adobe Reader DC and Acrobat DC with a free trial in this section. Both can open and read files in the Portable Document Format (PDF), but that's not all they can do.

What Is Adobe Acrobat Reader?

With this free, cross-platform tool, you may make PDF files on one computer and then open them in Adobe Reader on another. It's free to download directly from Adobe's website, and other sites may also offer it, so long as they follow Adobe's license guidelines. Although Adobe creates both, Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat are not the same. Rather, it is a minor member of the Adobe family, which has grown and changed through several versions. In addition to reading and printing PDFs, you may also fill out and comment on forms, convert PDFs to Word or Excel, digitally sign and certify documents, and more.

Adobe Acrobat DC: Paid License Required

To view PDF files, Adobe Acrobat is required because it can convert nearly any file type to PDF without altering the original file in any way. You can generate and modify text and images within PDF documents, in addition to all the other features available in Adobe Reader, with Adobe Acrobat. It's an upgraded version of Adobe Reader that can do things like scan paper documents. Unlike Adobe Reader DC, Acrobat DC has a free trial online (same as the Pdf Expert free trial). A cloud version of Adobe Acrobat, or Adobe Acrobat DC, is also available. The Standard edition of Acrobat is the stripped-down version of the program, including all the core functionality of the Pro edition save for the ability to preflight documents, create PDF portfolios, compose forms, and create actions, among other things.

Managing PDF Files with Adobe Reader and Acrobat DC's Free Trial

With Adobe Reader DC and its Android support, PDFs may be accessed and viewed regardless of where the user happens to be.

PDF files created in Adobe Acrobat are widely used in the business world. Personal applications also abound, including registration for summer camps, applications for jobs, contracts for buying and selling homes, insurance policies, medical data, etc. People are more likely to open and trust documents in PDF format because they associate it with professionalism. The most compelling argument for having a dedicated Adobe app is the sheer volume of PDF use.

The latest version of Adobe Reader DC is available as a free download for Android devices, making it possible to view and edit PDF files regardless of where you happen to be. The time spent waiting in the coffee queue is well spent reading over an employment agreement. Read over the lease agreement you're about to sign on the train ride home. Adobe Reader DC for Android meets the need for portability.


Adobe Reader DC allows users to instantly access and displays PDF documents, search inside the page for certain verbiage, scroll and zoom the text, and much more. Users can add annotations to the PDF using drawing tools or sticky notes, highlight text, and view and respond to other comments without leaving the PDF. Files you've shared with others or those they've shared with you that have pending activities can trigger alerts. With a free trial, Adobe Reader DC and Acrobat DC have the signature capability that streamlines the signing and reviewing of PDFs. When you're ready to distribute your PDF, generate a unique link and send it via email. You may also work together on the document in question right in the PDF itself.

Is Adobe Reader DC Free, or Do I Require Acrobat Pro with a Free Trial?

No. Download the free Acrobat Reader DC standalone application for viewing, signing, printing, annotating, searching, and sharing PDF files. The Acrobat DC family of products includes the free Acrobat Reader DC and the premium Acrobat Pro DC. See the product comparison page to learn more about the distinctions between the various versions of Acrobat DC. And you can find a free trial version of Acrobat Pro.

How to Comment in Adobe Reader DC and Acrobat DC?

PDF documents may be easily annotated with Reader. PDFs may be annotated with sticky notes, text can be typed right into the page, highlighting, underlining, and striking through are all available, and the freehand sketching tool allows you to draw directly on the screen. Acrobat Reader for mobile devices has the same annotation features as in WPS PDF.

Download WPS Office: Great Alternative to Adobe

PDF files can be edited on Windows or Android using any of the three WPS Office apps: writer, presentation, and spreadsheets. You can skip the time-consuming task of re-keying files and keep original formatting by using any of these programs to convert PDF files to be used in any of them. This means that users can extract the text they need from a file without having to transform the entire page. 

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