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The Phantom pdf by Foxit Software would get my approval if it only allowed me to open numerous documents at once in tabs. Unfortunately, both Adobe Acrobat XI and Nuance's Power pdf require multiple windows for each page, so I'll no longer be able to work in a multi-document environment. I also find Phantom pdf download to be a useful pdf editor. Compared to the alternatives above, it performs admirably in everyday situations while being cheaper.

The newest design trends from Microsoft may be found in the Foxit Phantom pdf apps user interface, such as the tool ribbon and the Modern UI (Windows 8) aesthetic. The user interface is well-designed and intuitive. The left-most column in the file menu's type is too small compared to the larger text on the right; this is my only major gripe. Things are in fine shape if I struggle to find fault with them.

Features of Foxit Phantom pdf

Foxit Phantom pdf app offers a form recognition function that can make pre-existing static forms editable, in addition to the standard form creation elements (push and radio buttons, checkboxes, text fields, etc.). It also manages security features like passwords and certificates and can accept digital signatures from services like DocuSign. Though it lacks Power pdf's signature drawing functionality, it does allow you to import a pre-existing image signature.

Phantom pdf excels as an all-around pdf editor, able to annotate, insert, delete, and reformat alongside the best of them. However, it is not ideal for making pdfs from scans that include photos, curved text, unusual typefaces, and numerous layout components. The searchable pdf I made out of 15 complicated papers wasn't terrible, albeit a lot of information included in photos wasn't rendered searchable, and the locations of certain items weren't in sync.

However, the Word document Foxit Phantom pdf generated from the identical information was the poorest of the bunch, clocking in at 84 pages when it should have only been 25 due to column issues. Here, Phantom pdf falls short of both Power pdf and Acrobat. It is important to understand that this stress test was created to see how far OCR can be pushed. Simple, commonplace business documents and forms perform well with Phantom pdf's OCR.

Pricing of Foxit Phantom pdf

There is a Foxit Phantom pdf 6.1 basic edition for $89 and a business edition for $129. The main distinctions between the two are that the business edition can create pdf/A/E/X documents (the standard edition can only check their compatibility), edit images, convert text to paths (in an external editor), redact sensitive information, and use advanced Active Directory features like Rights Management Services encryption.

Foxit Phantom pdf is an excellent choice for most pdf-related jobs thanks to its user-friendliness and extensive feature set. Although its optical character recognition (OCR) performance is subpar when presented with complicated scanned documents, this should not be a deal breaker for most users.

WPS Office: the Best Alternative to Foxit.


Whatever your purpose for needing a pdf editor, whether for work or play, you will find that the WPS Office software download is superior to the online Foxit pdf editor. It's easy to customize, and it comes with many useful tools. The pdf can be customized with the help of a free pdf editor. WPS Office online allows you to edit pdf by rearranging their content, adding new content, or removing old content. Cropping, rotating, erasing, and replacing photos are all possible.

This editor improves the experience of reading and viewing pdf files significantly. To make notes on the page as you read, you can download the free WPS Office software to highlight, underline, and circle relevant passages. The program allows for a streamlined process of working with large pdf files. Pdfs can be edited by removing, adding, or replacing pages.

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