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A pdf editor is a must-have for anyone who needs to make changes to pdf files for personal or professional usage. The software you save to your computer, online or offline, is an option. Among the many accessible pdf editors, Foxit pdf editor online stands out as a top choice. It's loaded with convenient tools that make online pdf editing a breeze.

Guide to Online pdf Editing with Foxit

Foxit pdf editor online is a simple and quick online option. You can change the text fonts' size, color, and style. You may make it stand out in a pdf document by simply underlining, bolding, or italicizing the text. Foxit pdf editor app online also lets you add headers, footers, and watermarks to your pdf documents for a more polished look and feel. Pdfs can be rotated, compressed, merged, and split as needed. Pdf can be created from various sources, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, text documents, and images. Following these instructions, you can edit pdf files online with the free Foxit pdf editor online.

  • First, open a web browser and navigate to Foxit pdf Editor Online.
  • You'll edit a pdf by dragging it onto the main page.
  • Third, you'll be brought to the editing screen once the upload is complete. Select Edit Text from the tabs at the top ribbon. To make changes, highlight the words you wish to change and click the pencil icon. Use the Add Text option to insert new text into your pdf file.
  • Fourth, when you're finished making changes, go to the "File" menu and "Save As" your revised pdf. It can be stored on a computer or transferred to another device.

The Top Free Pdf Editor That Can Compete with Foxit


For all of your pdf editing requirements, professional or otherwise, WPS Office download is far and away the superior choice to the Foxit pdf editor app online. It's loaded with useful tools, making changes quickly and easily. The free pdf editor can customize your pdf files to your specifications. Using WPS Office, you can, for instance, rearrange the order of the text in your pdfs, as well as delete and add text. Cropping, rotating, erasing, and replacing photos are available options.

The editor also improves your pdf viewing and reading experience. While reading, you can make notes on the documents with the WPS Office editor download by circling, highlighting, and underlining text. The program facilitates a simple management procedure for large pdf files. Pdfs can have pages removed, added, deleted, or split off with ease.

A pdf editor does an excellent job of letting you make all the necessary changes to scanned pdf files from your machine. The optical character recognition function allows scanned pdfs to be quickly converted into editable documents. As a bonus, setting passwords may protect your files from unauthorized access. You can't add a password or change an encrypted pdf file using the free Foxit pdf editor online.

In contrast to Foxit Online pdf Editor, WPS Office offers a free desktop version. Regardless matter the pdf file's complexity, WPS Office provides top-notch performance. More complicated pdf files cause problems for Foxit Online pdf Editor.

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