WPS PDF VS Foxit | Which One is the Best Option?

July 31, 20232.8K views

WPS PDF and Foxit PDF are PDF reading and editing softwares, widely used for their productivity features. They are pretty similar in use but few drawbacks of Foxit gives WPS PDF an edge over it; WPS PDF is way cheaper than Foxit. However, choosing one out of these two is very crucial but this blog will illustrate the difference of WPS PDF vs Foxit PDF on the basis of pricing and features.

What is Foxit PDF?


Foxit PDF Editor (formerly Foxit PhantomPDF) is a PDF Editor tool with a plethora of great capabilities that allows you to work quickly and easily with PDF documents. Better collaboration leads to more accurate data distribution that is easier to alter and amend. With foxit PDF pro, you can easily manage and track documents, scan files, do OCR, and compress files.

You can safeguard and sign PDFs, as well as organize and generate new PDFs, with the Foxit PDF Editor pro. Have you used any PDF readers? No, If this is the case, you may be overlooking some amazing PDF managing features that might make your life easier and more productive. Choose the Foxit app to keep the ball rolling. It is a little expensive but can get your job done with its advanced features.

Foxit PDF Editor Pricing

  1. 14.99 $ - For one month 

  2. 79 $ - For one Year


WPS PDF is a feature-rich tool that lets you create PDFs from any common file format, modify existing PDFs, and convert PDF to other forms such as Word, Excel, PPT, picture for free. WPS  PDF allows you to combine various files into a single PDF document by a merge tool or divide a PDF document into various files, such as smaller-sized PDF files and picture files, by split function.

All of these capabilities are also accessible on the WPS PDF, which allows you to save both the original and converted files in the cloud and share your work with others via email and Whatsapp. WPS  PDF, like any other PDF document handling tool such as Adobe PDF reader, offers a basic user interface to accurately perform your task. It is free to use and download. Some premium features require annual or one-time or monthly subscription at very fair rates.

WPS PDF Pricing

For individual looking for essential features it is free to utilize

For premium features:

  1. $3.99 per Month

  2. $18.99 per Half year

  3. $29.99 per one year

Wrapping Up

Foxit Pro PDF editor is available for all devices and operating systems such as iOS, MacOS, Windows OS, Android OS and Linux. It is also available online just like WPS PDF. Both editors WPS and foxit are feature-riched softwares and easily accessible. But Foxit pro PDF is comparatively more expensive than WPS PDF. And also, by purchasing WPS plans, you can access other WPS tools available in WPS Office for free. You can purchase monthly, half-yearly or yearly subscriptions of WPS and it will open the premium doors in all WPS Office apps including PDF. Download the WPS PDF app now.

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