Free Download PdfCandy for Windows – Make the Best PDF

September 14, 2022 |

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Free Download PdfCandy for Windows – Make the Best PDF
In this article, you will learn:
  1. Features Of Downloading Pdfcandy For Windows

  2. Download PdfCandy For Pc - Links, Free Trial, And Pricing Plans

  3. WPS Office is the best alternative to PdfCandy

A tool called PdfCandy for windows can be downloaded to convert pdf files into other formats like doc or jpeg. It can also merge or divide pdf files, extract text and photos from pdf files, secure them, and even unlock password-protected files. It can convert documents, ebooks, and photographs to pdf.

Features Of Downloading Pdfcandy For Windows

You may download PdfCandy for PC or the free version for batch processing. It can quickly merge or convert multiple files if that's what you need.

Since there is no restriction on the pdf size, you don't need to be concerned that you won't be able to convert, split, or combine a large file.

Additionally, if you download PdfCandy for free, it has Ocr (optical character recognition), allowing it to recognize text in scanned pdf.

Converting pdf files to editable doc format is a tremendous additional capability. So, a pdf is good resolution and simple to edit if necessary.

For anything involving converting to or from pdf, downloading PdfCandy for free, trial edition, is a fantastic and flexible tool. There are a ton of formats you can convert to or from, there is no size restriction, and you may correct, merge, or split big batches. It also contains many options for editing pdf files, whether you want to search for content or convert them to doc format.

Download PdfCandy For Pc - Links, Free Trial, And Pricing Plans

To download pdfcandy for pc, Click here. This version will offer you a free trial to try out the product.

The pricing plans for downloading this application, PdfCandy for windows, are much more affordable than many other online PDF editing tools. Although it is not as sophisticated as MS office or WPS, it will carry out 99% of your pdf editing requirements smoothly.

The pricing list for downloading these subscriptions for PdfCandy for windows is below.

Web Monthly

  • $6 per user per month
  • You may cancel your subscription anytime
  • Access granted to PDF Candy Web
  • No access granted to PDF Candy Desktop

Web Yearly

  • $48 per user per year
  • $4 / month per user
  • Access granted to PDF Candy Web
  • No access granted to PDF Candy Desktop

Desktop + Web Lifetime

  • $99 per user pay once
  • lifetime license
  • Access granted to PDF Candy Web
  • Access granted to PDF Candy Desktop

Mostly, pdf candy for windows is free trial-based software.

Your job limit with Pdf Candy is one per hour (should you try to perform another task too soon, it helpfully displays how much time you have left to wait).

Only by registering for a premium subscription, which will cost you $6 per month or $48 per year, will you be able to remove this restriction. A lifetime plan is also available for a one-time cost of $99, giving users access to web and desktop editors.

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WPS Office is the best alternative to PdfCandy

WPS Office's free offerings could appeal to you more. These are converters for pdf to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and jpeg. Additionally, each of these file formats can be transformed into a pdf. Despite its basics, WPS Office can add pages to and compress existing pdfs.

This alternative has the best pdf tools for editing and an Ocr option that isn't present in other free pdf editors. It makes it one of the more attractive options—download PdfCandy for windows, which has a robust collection of tools for windows and macOS.

If you need to create or convert files, you can use its 44 tools. Tools for rearranging pages, watermarks, password-protecting files with a passcode, and modifying metadata within a PDF file are also available.

To access the WPS Office infinite processing capabilities in 2022, upgrade to the Premium plan with a 7-day free trial. Like many other online PDF editors, using WPS Office is as simple as dragging and dropping the file you want to edit into your browser windows.

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