WPS PDF VS PDFcandy | What is the Difference?

October 13, 2022 |

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WPS PDF and PDFCandy are PDF reading and editing softwares, widely used for their productivity features. Choosing one out of these two, is crucial. This blog will illustrate the comparison of WPS PDF vs PDF candy on the basis of facts and features.

What is PDF Candy?

  1. PDF Candy is a Desktop PDF app, a powerful software with a plethora of tools to manipulate and convert PDF files. Thanks to the friendly layout and modern design, it is very easy to use  and manage PDFs. PDF Processing can be done by just a drag and drop mechanism. It's possible in PDFcandy Pro version to add a password to PDF files for their protection(a valid password per each file is required).

  2. PDF Candy app converts PDF files to files of different formats such as DOC, DOCX, RTF, ODT, JPG, and EPS. 

  3. Multiple files can be merged together to form a single PDF file, and a single PDF can be splitted into many separate files if needed. 

There are also advanced Save as and export output PDF files options to create PDFs. All these amazing features are available in PDFcandy Pro app. Pro version of the app is paid so you have to pay in return for premium features.


  1. 6 $ - per month: Access to PDF Candy Web only

  2. 48 $ - per year: Access to PDF Candy Web only

  3. 99 $ - pay once: Desktop app + Web access Lifetime


WPS PDF aap is a complete package for PDF reading, editing, converting and compressing. With WPS PDF, you can annotate PDF, archive that annotation on cloud storage. These annotations and sticky notes can be shared with the team through team collaboration tools. It also provides the option of authenticating a file by adding signatures to a PDF. With multi-tab functionality, you can read, edit and process multiple PDF files at a time. Also you can convert or compress more than 2 PDFs at a time.

Data encryption, security, and branding is also provided with update tools. A number of free templates for PDF forms and reports are available. After compressing a certain file, there is a recovery option to regain the original file. Multiple Languages are supported to convert scanned images into an editable text document. Edit PDF text and shapes with full access. It is free to download and can be run on any operating system: iOS, Android OS and Windows OS.


For individual looking for essential features it is free to utilize

  1. $3.99 per Month

  2. $18.99 per Half year

  3. $29.99 per one year


PDFCandy editor is available for only desktop usage and for online usage on PC. It is not available for mobile devices at all. PDFCandy is comparatively more expensive than WPS PDF. And also, WPS PDF is available for all operating systems and devices for free. Many PDF features are available for free except a few premium which requires monthly, half-yearly or yearly subscriptions. Download the WPS PDF app now

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