Get AvePDF Free Trial And Enjoy Its Features

July 31, 2023982 views

AvePDF is a web-based application used for online document processing. AvePDF's built-in document imaging technology gives people and professionals in all fields the tools they need to manage documents. AvePDF is the only online PDF software with advanced features such as hyper-compression, OCR, redaction, PDF/A conversion, document capture from the scanner, and electronic signature.

AvePDF offers a free trial that lets you explore all of its great features. You can try out these features for free to see how they can help you.

AvePDF Tools

AvePDF provides a wide range of tools for your PDF needs. Here's more about a few of its most popular tools. You can use these tools for free to handle your documents and make your workflow more efficient.

  • Hyper-Compress PDF: You can optimize any document to create the smallest files by using MRC technology

  • E-sign PDF: you can create an electronic signature for a PDF

  • Convert to PDF: you can Convert more than 100 file formats to PDF

  • Combine to PDF: you can Combine files in over 100 formats into PDF

  • Organize PDF: you can rotate, Sort, add and delete pages in multipage PDF files

  • Convert to PDF/A: you can change PDF to PDF/A for long-term storing

  • PDF/A Validation: you can check and test for compatibility in a PDF/A document

  • Edit PDF: you can add shapes, text, and photos to a PDF and rotate them

  • Scan to PDF: you can choose a device, select settings, and scan directly to PDF from the browser

These are the most popular AvePDF tools; this application also provides a wide range of tools for converting, organizing, editing, protecting, and optimizing PDF files.

AvePDF Compatibility

  1. As I mentioned, you don't have to download AvePDF to use it. It is a web-based software application you can use with any web browser. 

  2. This tool works with all devices and operating systems, like Windows 10, 11, 14, a Mac, or a smartphone with Android or iOS. It also supports more than 30 languages.

Is the AvePDF Editor Safe?

  1. AvePDF is completely safe because this application uses the most advanced encryption techniques. Your files are protected with different degrees of encryption that no one, not even AvePDF developers, can access to them. 

  2. You can permanently erase your document from their servers when you've finished editing it. 

Compared to other PDF Software, AvePDF developers have full control over their technologies. So you can use the fastest and most powerful tools.


AvePDF is not a full-featured document processor like WPS PDF. It is a web-based software for managing PDF documents. This application is one of the most popular and user-friendly online PDF handlers with appropriate features for the workplace. You can use AvePDF's free trial to explore its features. Later if you think its features are valuable, you can buy the premium edition of it.

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