How to Convert PDF to Plain Text in 2022

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The most common reason to convert pdf to plain text is so that you can change the content in a text editor like Notepad or Apple Notes. You do this so that the formatting is eliminated and the content is just plain text. Simple text, commonly known as plain text, is a lightweight file format that does not support style features such as font types, colors, etc. Best online and offline ways how to convert pdf to plain text in 2022 are discussed in this article.

How To Convert Pdf to Plain Text Using Google Docs


Using Google Docs, users may modify documents in real-time, free, and anywhere they have an internet connection and a Google account. Google Docs' greatest advantage is that users can edit immediately before saving it as other forms, just like editing a Word document and then saving it to the chosen format in Google Docs (the advantage of converting pdf to other formats is relatively obvious).

  1. Go to Google Docs on your browser online. If you don't already have a Google account, you'll probably need to sign up for one first.
  2. Next, click on the File icon and decide how you wish to submit your files. You can use this page to upload files from various sources, including Google Drive, documents shared with you by friends, and local computers. Then, select Open with Google Docs.
  3. After clicking the File icon, select Download as Plain Text from the drop-down menu again (.txt). You can alter your pdf file to download a txt document before converting it to txt.

How To Convert Pdf to Plain Text Adobe Acrobat Pro Offline


It is possible to use a desktop application to convert your pdf file even if it is cumbersome for you to access the internet. While many internet resources are available for free, others require payment to use. Here, we'd like to recommend Adobe, which is convenient and simple.

How to convert pdf to plain text? For the best professional desktop application, you can choose Adobe Acrobat Pro, the inventor of pdf. Adobe Acrobat offline can handle practically any task you throw at it, whether it's a conversion or an edit. Businesses will benefit greatly from this application.

  1. Download and run Adobe Acrobat Pro. Open the application and select the Tools option. To upload your pdf file, click on Export pdf.
  2. Choosing a format to convert your file to is done in Step 2. Click on More Formats > Text (Plain) > Export.
  3. Finally, click on Save to save your document. After that, you'll be able to access your Text file.

Download the Best Alternative to Adobe Acrobat: WPS Office

Although it doesn't support as many products as Adobe Acrobat, WPS Office online is a powerful competitor. Due to the similarity of the goods, it is difficult to tell which program has a superior product.

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