How to Convert Scanned PDF to Word? Free Guide for Beginners!

July 31, 20231.4K views

A PDF document is not editable, and we all know it. But, you can make necessary changes if you convert it to Word so you can edit it online. Don’t know how to do it? We will tell you how to convert scanned PDF to Word for windows using tools like WPS PDF in less than 5 minutes.

Go to your WPS office’s home. You’ll see a dozen options given vertically and horizontally on the screen. The options include PDF edit, PDF to Word, and even PDF to Picture conversion. Click on what you think will work for you, and you are ready.

Read as we walk you through the PDF to word conversion process using WPS in this ultimate free guide for 2022.

Simple Steps to Convert Scanned PDF to Word Online

Scanned PDF is a safe way to store information as it does not allow edit access to the readers. It means that no one can tweak the information shared in the scanned PDF document. But, it’s not the best case in some situations.

Sometimes the document owner wishes to make changes in the PDF content, so it's important that they know how to convert scanned PDF to Word. Converting Scanned PDF to Word Using WPS We are using the WPS PDF desktop version as an example for scanned PDF conversion to word because it’s user-friendly and comparatively simpler for beginners.

As described above, a WPS PDF has two options for you to convert scanned PDF to Word:

  1. Edit PDF
  2. PDF to Word

You won’t have to dive deep into the sea of options to choose your preferred feature because WPS PDF for windows has everything on its home page.

To learn how to convert scanned PDF to Word in 2022, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Go to WPS Home

Launching the WPS PDF app on your desktop will land on the tool’s home screen. The best part about WPS PDF is you can use it offline as well.

Options on the screen:


Select PDF to Word either from the horizontal or the vertical menu.

Step 2: Click PDF to Word Feature to Upload PDF Document

Once you click the ‘PDF to Word’ option, a screen window will open.


Select ‘Add Files’ to upload a PDF document to edit or convert into Word offline.

This window will pop up:


Here you have to select the file and click ‘Open’ which leads us to our last stop of the lesson on how to convert scanned PDF to Word.

Step 3: Edit PDF

Once you have opened the file to convert PDF to Word, the WPS PDF will take you to its Word editor, where you can make desired changes to the selected document.


Once you convert the scanned PDF to Word, the document is effortlessly editable.


Converting PDF to Word is a 5-minute task with tools like WPS. Everything is right in front of your eyes, and no confusion is involved in the process. You can download the WPS PDF desktop app for free from the website and enjoy effortless PDF to Word conversion.

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