How to Highlight PDF Documents for Free on IPhone, Android, Mac and Windows

July 31, 20232.8K views

Whether it is study notes or meeting minutes you need to highlight the important ones for clear cognizance. The highlighting feature in PDF allows you to color the important text so you can observe the important subject in first impression. Commonly people highlight the text with light yellow and orange color because they are more vibrant and memorable. So how do you highlight PDF now?

WPS Office has a built -in PDF editor which lets you highlight PDF for free on any system or device. However, through this blog you will learn how to highlight PDF on androids, windows, Macs and iPhone using different apps available by default or available for free. Blog will cover;

  • How to highlight PDF in WPS Office
  • How to highlight PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • How to highlight PDF in Preview App

How to highlight PDF in WPS Office

WPS Office is a well suited office app for Android, iPhone, Mac and windows. You can easily highlight PDF.

Steps to highlight PDF in WPS Office

1-Open PDF file with WPS Office.

2-Click “Insert”, then “Highlight area”.


3-You can set the highlighting color by dropdown.


4-Simply drag the cursor on text and release. It will highlight your text.



How to highlight PDF in Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat Reader is commonly used in windows laptops and androids. It is an old and trustworthy app to handle the PDFs. You can also highlight PDF text with this app.

Steps to highlight PDF in Adobe Acrobat

1-Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat.


2-Click on the highlight icon with pencil and paper.

3-Freely highlight the text by mouse cursor.


How to highlight PDF in Preview App

Mac users can avail free PDF editing features available on default preview app. Follow the steps to highlight PDF in Preview app.

Steps to highlight PDF in Preview App

1-Open your PDF in the Preview app.

2-Click on the highlighter pen icon.


3-Click, holland and drag on text you want to highlight and it will highlight that text.



As the most patronized PDF software/App on the internet, you have on-the-spot access to many PDF,Word, Excel and PPt tools to help you convert, edit/modify, and compress the files.WPS Office is available on all platforms and compatible with android, windows, iPhone and Macs. How you can still highlight PDF text on Mac using the default Preview app. Download the WPS Office now and add highlight to PDF.

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