How to OCR the PDF

July 31, 20231.5K views

When working with PDF files, OCR technology is of great assistance. The majority of PDF programs now have OCR technology, which has been around for a while. Any PDF document, including scanned or image-based documents, can be converted into searchable and editable files using OCR technology. Unfortunately, OCR technology is not supported by PDF Expert for Mac, one of the greatest PDF applications available for the Mac system, including macOS 11. You'll need to go elsewhere if you wish to use this technology. Here are some alternatives to PDF Expert OCR.

Steps to OCR the PDF

Since PDFelement has the OCR feature, it is a good substitute for PDF Expert. PDFelement makes it easier to create editable PDF documents from scans and converted data. A highlighted notice bar will appear in your application when a file needs OCR to be editable. Follow these steps to complete the OCR process:

Step1: Start to Perform OCR

Open the scanned PDF file. Click on the button "Perform OCR" located within the notice bar. You can also go to "Tool" > "OCR Text Recognition" in the toolbar.


Step2: Set the Page Range

In the pop-up window, click the menu on the bottom left corner. Click the "Page Range" option and a new window will appear. In the new window, you can customize page range for OCR.


Step3: Select Language for OCR PDF on Mac

Once more, select "OCR Setting" from the menu in the bottom left corner of the screen. Choose "Document Language" and "Downsample To" in the new pop-up window.

You have the choice of selecting either "Editable Text" or "Searchable Text Image" OCR under the "Type" options. After OCR, the new PDF file will be searchable for those who choose "Searchable Text Image." You can either pick the text and immediately copy and paste it into another document, or you can search by pressing "Command + F."

The resulting document will be editable after the OCR process is complete if you selected "Editable Text." Now, you may modify text by selecting "Text" or export it to several file types by selecting "File" > "Export To."



One of the best PDF Expert OCR alternatives on Mac is the WPS office. It is available in 25 different languages, and thanks to its OCR technology, it can turn any scanned or paper-based document into a fully editable, searchable, and selectable PDF document.

But there are many other benefits to using WPS office as well. Here is a list of some of its most useful features:

  1. Smart editing tools that let you easily adjust the font size, font style, and font type.
  2. Create fillable forms from scratch or a pre-made template. The ability to create forms makes it easier for you to send documents to be digitally signed. One of the main advantages of PDF documents is transforming non-fillable forms made in Word and Excel into interactive and fillable PDF forms.
  3. Export data into Excel. You can extract PDF data from hundreds of forms into a single Excel sheet in a matter of seconds. You can also export data from Scanned PDFs, making it easier for archiving and analysis later on.
  4. Conversion is a basic feature of all PDF tools, but the WPS office takes it to the next level thanks to batch conversion. You can convert multiple files at once, split PDFs into smaller files, or extract a single page as needed.
  5. Use advanced annotation tools. You can add sticky notes, comments, text boxes, stamps, and more. You can also markup documents for review, and apply shapes and drawing tools to your PDF document.

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