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Do you know what is the OCR feature in WPS Office? OCR is an abbreviation of optical character recognition, which can extract the text from pictures and convert it to Word or Excel in WPS Office. It is functional to recognize the text of a picture when there are many words in the picture.


1. WPS[Best OCR software for PC]

l Three major usage scenarios for the OCR function.

The following are some scenarios in that WPS Office is using AI algorithms to recognize the character with the OCR feature.

Scenario 1: Automatic recognition of image types.

Kingsoft WPS uses the TensorFlow Lite to realize the OCR model that can automatically recognize the image type and provide the corresponding filter and OCR output format.

Scenario 2: Scan OCR.

Using TensorFlow deployment model, the document rotation correction, text line detection and other operations can be realized, saving a lot of document editing time.

Scenario3: Natural scene OCR.

Using TensorFlow Lite to run natural scene OCR on mobile phone, so that it can accurately locate text from complex scenes in a short time and get ideal recognition results;

Kingsoft WPS has also processed and integrated a variety of machine learning algorithms, optimized and improved functions such as a document to picture and content detection from different levels, and solved the historical problem that it will be garble when the picture convert to the document.

l Do you know how to use the OCR feature after learning so much about the OCR feature in WPS Office

In the WPS OCR, we can directly drag the picture into this box or click the Add pictures button to start to recognize, or click the Screen Capture button to capture a picture.

Then, according to your requirements, select the conversion mode, such as Extract text only, Convert to Word or Convert to Excel.

Is it practical to use the OCR function in WPS Office to extract text from pictures? The answer definitely is yes. If you are interested in more details about the OCR feature, feel free to refer to WPS Academy!

2. Wondershare PDFelement [Best OCR software for beginners]


Key features:

Cross-platform compatibility with Android, iPhone, macOS, and Windows.Super-fast OCR technology with batch rendering.Multiple formats are supported.Comprehensive list of PDF editing tools.Pocket-friendly premium plan.Compare and review two PDF files.

If you want an easy-to-use OCR scanner that falls under the affordable bracket without sacrificing efficiency, look at PDFelement. It's a free cross-platform software that houses all document editing tools. It can quickly scan PDFs and extract editable texts. This free OCR tool lets you edit PDF documents with fonts, shapes, freehand drawings, annotations, etc. And after that, you can convert PDF to PPT, Excel, Word, and more.

PDFelement-Powerful and Simple PDF Editor

Get started with the easiest way to manage PDFs with PDFelement!


3. ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 [Best OCR software for small to medium-sized enterprises]


Key features:

Simple to use and neatly organized.Scan and convert text to Word, PDF, PPT, etc.Add unique annotations and comments.It can efficiently handle batch documents.192 different languages supported.Collaborative editing supported.

Do you have a small/medium business that handles lots of documents? Use Abbyy FineReader to manage your documentation like a pro. It's a deceptively lightweight software that uses the latest AI OCR technology to make it a cakewalk to retrieve, edit, and share documents. This Mac/Windows software can navigate, view, and edit PDF files by rotating, rearranging, merging, deleting, and splitting. Also, Abbyy FineReader lets you update metadata like title, author, keywords, etc. Plus, you can easily verify a PDF file by adding an e-sign.

4. Nanonets [Best OCR software for out-of-the-box data extraction in seconds]

Key features:

Add team collaborators for editing.Advanced annotation services.Extract document fields with high accuracy.Seamless integration with Gmail, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.Process any document or image.

Nanonets is an OCR reader online that works with virtually any document or image you throw at it. The dashboard is relatively easy to navigate and supports volumes of input data. With Nanonent's advanced OCR technology, you can easily extract data from images and documents, whether printed or handwritten. Also, Nanonets allows you to upload unstructured data and extract only the fields you need. It also has standalone OCR services for passports, invoices, ID cards, driver's licenses (US), and receipts. However, some may find the $400/year billing plan steep.

5. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC [Best all-around OCR software to scan documents]

Key features:

Edit and convert files to PDF.Sing and send forms and documents.Encrypt PDF files with passwords.Compare two PDF files.Adobe Document Cloud service.Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile app.

Adobe Acrobat DC Pro certainly ticks all boxes of the perfect OCR scanner and document management program for Mac and Windows PCs. Although you may need a learning curve with it at first, you'll enjoy an impressive collection of tools once you get the hang of it. For example, it integrates a Document Cloud feature for editing your documents on any device. In addition to the OCR basics, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC allows you to digitally add comments, feedback, markups, and sign forms. However, if your computer isn't advanced enough, you may not enjoy a smooth experience with this powerful program.

Free Trial PDF OCR Software of WPS Office

WPS is the best OCR program for 2022. The thing is that most will do a fine job scanning and extracting texts from your photos and documents. But if you want something that offers way more than just OCR service, check out WPS. You'll love it!


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