How to Use the PDF Xchange Merger - The Offline PDF Tool

July 31, 20231.4K views

The Pdf Xchange is one of the best pdf tools, which you can download for free as well as paid subscriptions. While Pdf Xchange allows access to 70% of its tools in the free download, the merger tool is only available in paid versions. 

Merging several pdf documents is a central part if you are working with pdfs on a daily basis. So now let's see how you can use the merger tool in pdf xchange to combine Pdf documents.

How to Merge Documents with PDF Xchange?

Combining several heavy pdfs with this offline tool is easy and fast once you download the subscription. You can download this for the latest windows versions. Here is the step-by-step guide on how you use the merger tool of Pdf Xchange.

Step 01 - First, convert all the documents you need to merge into pdfs using the convert tool.

Step 02 - Then click on File and go to  Combine Files into a Single PDF.

Step 03 - With the Add Files option, you can add all the documents you need to merge.

Step 04 - Use the arrow buttons next to the list of documents to adjust the order.

Step 05 - Finally, click on OK to create the final pdf

Compared to many online/offline pdf tools, the merger tool of Pdf Xchange is easy to use and fast. You can buy a license to a subscription package.

WPS Office Or PDF Xchange? 

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Hundreds of thousands of online/offline pdf tolls have the merger feature. But the Pdf Xchange and the WPS Office are two of the top-tier pdf editors at that. 

The following features are apparent in the WPS Office packages.

It's the major competitor of MS Office but way cheaper than imaginable

● WPS Office gives a 7-day free download to any new user to try out the product

● The prices start from $18.99, whereas Pdf Xchange Subscriptions begin at over $100

● The easy-to-use UI and the customizable toolbar make it accessible to people of all knowledge groups

While it is true, it is advisable to compare both these products and download or purchase the best alternative that will efficiently fulfil all your pdf-ing needs. 

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