The Best Offline PDF Scanner for Windows – PDF Xchange

July 31, 20231.1K views

Why Should You Download PDF Xchange’s Scanner?

If you are working with documents daily, especially with pdf, you know how hard it is to find a good scanner that can convert images and other types of files into a text document. There are many online/offline tools for this on the internet, but they either have a hefty cost or don’t work appropriately.

The best alternative for all these problems is the Pdf Xchange. It has one of the top-tier scanners, which lets you scan many types of files, such as images for OCR and convert them into a pdf or any word document type quickly.

How to use PDF Xchange’s Scanner?

1. First and foremost, recognizing letters and other characters by scanning a document is a complicated task. The technology used for this must be spot on so that the scanner will work flawlessly without missing or messing up the content it scanned.

Pdf Xchange is one of the best at scanning images and other types for any OCRs and will give you a perfect output with each scan. 

2. Moreover, because this app consists of everything you need to edit, save, convert, etc., the scanned content can be edited as your heart desires.

3. The output you get with the Pdf Xchange’s scanner is fully editable and searchable so that after saving it, you don’t have to put it through another converter to make it usable.

4. Moreover, once or twice in our lives, we get the need to scan a document with a different language and convert it to become more coherent for us. It, too, can be achieved without a hassle if you have downloaded this app.

Unfortunately, this app doesn’t have any online availability. Several options are available for downloading this app, especially whether you are getting a paid version or a free download/ trial. It depends on your needs.

WPS Office VS. PDF Xchange

7 Days Trial WPS OfficeDownload Now

While pdf Xchange is a popular and efficient method to complete your needs of scannings and OCR, one more best alternative for this is the WPS Office (Availability – online/offline).

The WPS office only gets second to MS Office tools and is much cheaper than the MS Office and Pdf Xchange subscriptions. It also perfectly scans many file times and recognizes any optical characters. The end product will be a searchable, editable pdf file.

You can download WPS Office if you want a cheaper but more efficient scanner tool. Additionally, the 7-day free trial and the lower subscription charges after that is just so amazing and saves our money a lot.

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