ILovePDF in Winningpc: Features, Reviews, and Alternative

July 31, 20231.5K views

What is ILovePDF?

ILovePDF is a PDF management software suite that includes a variety of tools. IlovePDF in Winningpc can be used to secure, organize, optimize, edit, and convert PDF documents. On the website platform, iLovePDF is free to use. When you buy the premium version, you can use the lightweight application.

iLovePDF is a PDF converter. You can convert file formats to and from PDF. iLovePDF allows you to convert between multiple file formats, including PDFs and JPG images. Excel, PowerPoint, and Word extensions are all available for use. You can also convert an HTML file to a PDF file. 

Other Features of ILovePDF

1.You can archive your file for a longer period of time by using the PDF to PDF/A feature. PDF forms can also be annotated. Annotations, images, shapes, and text can all be added directly to PDFs. The user interface allows you to change colors, fonts, and sizes.

2.Page numbers can be added to PDFs, with the position and style of the numbers customizable. You can use the watermark feature to stamp your document. The stamp's transparency can be changed. The Rotate PDF option allows you to rotate one or more PDFs at the same time. 

3.You can use the compression tool to reduce the size of your files. PDFs can be compressed to save space and improve image quality. With the repair feature, iLovePDF can repair corrupted PDF documents.

4.The PDF editor allows you to organize your files by combining PDF documents and splitting PDF documents into separate PDF pages. You can rearrange the page number orders and add, extract, or remove pages from the forms using the app's editing tools.


5.There is also a set of security options available. While the Protect PDF command allows you to password-protect your forms, the Unlock PDF option will remove the passcode.

How to Free Download ILovePDF?


Download iLovePDF if you value convenience. While the free PDF platform is available in various stores, the app provides a more user-friendly user experience with additional features. Certain conversion and e-signature features available in the app, however, are not available in the web version. Free coupons and promo codes are available for the standard version, and free trials are extremely beneficial to new users.

WPS PDF: Competitive with ILovePDF

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