PDF Xchange Editor 64-bit for Windows 7

July 31, 20231.4K views

PDF Xchange editor 64-bit is a free PDF viewer and Editor by tracker software. It's fast, efficient, feature-rich, free PDF editor to create, annotate, view and edit PDF documents. Most of the PDF Xchange editor features are free, which is around 85%, and the remaining 15% of the pro features are free for a trial period. Once the trial period ends, you can continue using the free feature of PDF Xchange Editor.

PDF Xchange Editor 64-bit provides functionalities of reading text using the OCR technique, adding audio comments and using AES encryption. A java engine is provided, along with options for trimming pages, adding headers and footers, and embedding Internet Explorer or Firefox into the browser. Let's try the PDF Xchange editor for Windows 7 for a better experience.


Additional Information PDF Xchange Editor 64 bit

  • Licensed under: Freeware
  • Operating System: Windows 7 Pro / Education / Enterprise / Home Edition, x86
  • Publisher: Tracker Software production
  • Languages: English (en)
  • Gadgets: Desktop PC, Ultrabook, Laptop ( All significant brands)

Key Features of PDF Xchange Editor 64-bit for Windows 7

Multilingual: PDF Xchange editor supports the English, French, German, and Spanish language. A variety of language extension packages are available.

PDF Viewer / Reader: PDF Xchange editor is a fast and efficient way to View and Reader PDF files.

Edit Documents: This PDF editor allows you to Edit your existing PDF and Microsoft Office files with spell-checking features. Editing features include merging, splitting, annotating, converting, managing, and many more.

Conversion: PDF Xchange Editor 64-bit can convert any file format to PDF. The original file's formatting will not be disturbed during conversion.

Add Hyperlinks: PDF Xchange editor is eligible to link pages within PDF, pages in another PDF, and external links to web-based URLs.

PDF Extraction: It can extract text or pages within a PDF file. The document formatting will not be changed during the Extraction of the PDF file.

Annotation: Using PDF Xchange Editor, you can annotate and comment on any PDF document without restriction. An annotation is required whenever you sign an agreement or make a deal with someone else.

Search: Make use of the fastest PDF search engine available.

How to Install the PDF Xchange Editor 64-bit for Windows 7

Download the PDF Xchange Editor from the official website.

Once you download the editor file, you need to install it on your computer/laptop.

Double-click the setup files to install the PDF Xchange Editor and follow the instructions.


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Best Alternative of PDF Xchange Editor 64 bit for window 7

PDF Xchange editor does not provide you with fully-fledged features in the free trial version. WPS Office is the best option if you want to download the full version of the free PDF editing tool. WPS Office works like Microsoft Office & Adobe Acrobat. WPS Office allows you to edit, convert, manage, and annotate PDF documents to enhance product efficiency. You can edit PDF documents using WPS online converter or Desktop application for free. With its top-notch user-friendly interface, WPS Office becomes simple for non-technical users. WPS Office should be your top choice when searching for a PDF editor.

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