The Ultimate Guide to PDF Software [2024]

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PDF Software is the technological platform that helps you create, secure and share your document. WPS office suite is reliable and convenient in comprehensively using the pdf software.

Hence, if PDF software has many significant benefits, it becomes necessary to ensure that you are good at its use and know how to use its features correctly to make the document type creative and professional.

What is PDF Software?

PDF Software is a technological application that helps people worldwide to fulfill their everyday needs. PDF software is designed to provide specific solutions for portable document files that enable users to seamlessly edit, present, and exchange documents worldwide between different software, devices, and operating systems.

9 Epic Reasons to Use a PDF Editor

PDF Editor is a highly significant software that helps you add convenience to accomplishing everyday tasks.

Many reasons urge you to use the professional and reliable PDF Editor to make the task easy and quick while executing. Before you search how to install a pdf editor on the internet, consider the epic reasons for using PDF Editor Software mentioned below.

  • To Edit Documents

With the help of a pdf editor, you can personalize your document by updating various elements of content on which your file is composed.

  • To Convert Files

To have the best version of pdf editor, you should get assistance from WPS pdf editor that helps you to convert your file into multiple reliable formats such as Excel, ppt, Word, and more.

  • Make a Professional Looking Presentation

Are you a working person? Have you gotten a chance to showcase your skills? It is time to opt for a professional approach to make your presentation file unique and creative with a professional editing tool – PDF editor.

  • Quick Transferable File

In this fast-paced world, it is necessary to be efficient and quick in responding to others, especially customers. When you share files containing information about your business' products and services, it is necessary to reach it quickly to other parties.

  • Secure the File

The best thing about a PDF editor is to protect your file. It is a helping tool for businesses to keep the information and details confidential between business owners and customers.

  • To Make File a Creative One

Creativity only comes into your document when you explore different features of a pdf software that you are using for conducting potential changes in it. You can change the font style, color, and size to give your portable document file's content a unique look.

  • Compress Document File

After creating, editing, and converting, you can have another significant reason for using pdf editor software that compresses the file.

  • Reduce Cost

You just waste your hard-earned money by using traditional means of printing, scanning, editing, covering, and transferring files. Pdf editors reduce the cost of service from others for reading, viewing, editing, and sharing files.

  • Save Time

The pdf editor software is crucial in saving time by giving you quick results. You can create a new pdf file or make significant changes in the existing file within a few minutes and share it instantly.

7 Rewarding Benefits of PDF Software

In this modern world, people are becoming increasingly dependent on technology, among which electronic documents are one. Many companies' growth and relationship with clients depend on electronic media, enabling them to exchange files rapidly anywhere in the world.

Hence, here are a few rewarding benefits of using PDF softwares that you must consider.

  • Highly Accessible

PDF software is the platform that enables you to access your file at any time, anywhere. People running businesses are highly concerned about making healthy relationships with their clients.

  • Good for Collaboration and Sharing

The PDF document files are small and safe, making them highly significant for collaboration and sharing worldwide without any disturbances. Professionals and businesses widely accept PDF software to send and receive files through quick collaboration.

  • Compatibility

PDF software contains the feature of capturing all the elements of an electronic or print document as an electronic image that can easily be viewable, editable, and shareable. It is a useful software that accepts all format documents.

  • Endless Freedom in Customization

You can create, edit, convert, add, remove, and feature your document file according to you. PDF softwares is a feature-rich platform providing endless freedom in the customization of documents.

  • Quick and Take Less Space

PDF software has the ability to make your document file small in size so that it can take less space on your hard drive than other file formats. At a personal, academic, or professional level, you can have access to send large files by compressing through the help of PDF software that can never take up too much space.

  • Make You a Professional Person

When you create your document with the help of PDF software, you make the file look more creative and professional. When you share that file with your boss or professor in the compressed pdf format, it will be a plus point in depicting that you are a person who is using a professional approach while executing work strategies.

  • Convenient

The best, free, and easy-to-use approach while completing a task is using PDF software. The more you are convenient while creating your files, the more you look professional

Top 5 Best Free PDF Editors in 2023

PDF Softwares are a significant addition to the world of technology that has become a source of pleasure and convenience in 2023 for people studying or working in a particular field. Here are the top six best free PDF editors in 2023 to consider to complete your professional or academic task. Let's have a look!

1. WPS

Interface of WPS PDF Editor

Whenever you find it difficult to edit your portable document file, you probably go to the search bar, search how to install a PDF editor, and go further for its download. This whole process is not just time taking but unreliable too.

Hence, getting Pdf file editing from the reliable WPS Office PDF Editor platform is better. Downloading this software is free, primarily Excel, ppt, excel pdf, and other useful tools.


  • Free of Cost

  • Easy File Extraction

  • Document Cloud Assistance

  • Editable PDF

  • Convertible PDF

  • Protect and Annotate Files

  • Compress PDF Files


  • Limited Access to Some Features

  • Paid Premium Version


Here are steps to edit your pdf with the help of WPS pdf editor – a professional tool that serves you best.

Step 1: Edit Text

an authentic way to edit text in pdf document

Step 2: Edit Image

easy image editing by professional tool

Step 3: Edit Link

edit link of pdf file in WPS

Step 4: Edit Watermark

update the watermark in a desired way

Step 5: Edit Header & Footer

customize header and footer

WPS Office- Free All-in-One Office Suite
  • Use Word, Excel, and PPT for FREE, No Ads.

  • Edit PDF files with the powerful PDF toolkit.

  • Microsoft-like interface. Easy to learn. 100% Compatibility.

  • Boost your productivity with WPS's abundant free Word, Excel, PPT, and CV templates.

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2. Foxit Phantom PDF

Use Anywhere Foxit PDF Editor Software

Foxit Phantom PDF is compatible with all devices that can be pdf software for Windows and mobile. It is categorized as pdf softwares converter free download that helps you add images and text and modify existing files in a unique and desired way.

Moreover, the Foxit Phantom PDF editor can help you scan the document using optical character recognition (OCR); after scanning, it allows you to convert the scanned image into text files and make it shareable worldwide.


  • Easy to Use

  • OCR Technology

  • Keep Information Confidential

  • Collaborative

  • Compatible to All Formats

  • Annotate and Sign Document


  • Take a Bit of Time to Load Heavy Image File

  • Pricing

  • Not User-Friendly Interface

  • Limited Features

3. Nuance Power PDF Editor

reliable pdf editor for all document files making them shareable

Nuance Power PDF Editor is a pdf software development that helps users explore unique and reliable features. It is quick and easy to use, and urges you to use it for everyday tasks.


  • Edit, Convert, and Share Files

  • Feature-Rich Software

  • No Fuss

  • Compatible to All Formats

  • Annotation and Markup Tool Feature

  • Easy and Quick to Run

  • Highly Secure

  • Voice Recognition Feature


  • Expensive than other PDF Editors

  • The interface is not User-Friendly

4. Best Free PDF Editor-PDFelement

free and easy to use PDF softwares editor for all formats

PDFelement is the best free pdf editor that helps you to make significant changes in the documents to make them unique. It is a quick and easy tool that features PDF viewing, editing, annotation and collaboration, conversion, optimization, data extraction, signature, protection, and more. All these features of PDFelement represent that it is rich with benefits.


  • User-Friendly

  • Comprehensive PDF Solution

  • Compatible with all Formats

  • Available on Windows, iOS, Mac & Android Versions

  • Cost-Effective

  • Meet Academic and Business Requirements

  • Edit, Convert, Comment, Collaborate, Annotation, and OCR Tools


  • Few Options are Difficult to Approach

  • Need Log In for the use of All Features

  • Sometimes Format Changes While Writing Text in PDF File

5. PdfFiller

create, edit and manage all types of documents

PdfFiller is widely used for viewing, reading, and sharing purposes. PDF softwares are free to download and free to use software helping people in all fields, such as reading, viewing, and preparing news, CVs, magazine articles, brochures, online blog content, product content, and more.


  • Fast and Easy

  • Offers Solutions, Not Headache

  • Clutter-Free

  • Excellent Assistance with Solution-Specific PDF Tools

  • Professional and Reliable in Implementations

  • Editable, Convertible, and Shareable


  • Online Interface is sometimes Less Responsive to Users

  • Limited Features

  • Require Payment Method


1.Edit PDF File in Office 365 for FREE

Step 1: Open Portable Document File (PDF) by clicking 'Open With' and then choose 'Choose Another App.'

open pdf file in another app

Step 2: After, click on 'Word' and click 'OK.'

open pdf file in word format

Step 3: You will get a notification of converting your PDF file into an Editable Word file.

convert pdf to an editable word document

Step 4: Now click 'Enable Editing' and start editing your document in Office 365 for FREE.

enable your pdf file editable

2.Disadvantages of Open Source Software (OSS)

Open source software is the platform available for the performance and behavior of a program or application, giving a source code for modification, use, and distribution with original rights. But with all these things, it has some disadvantages that you should consider.

  • Costly

  • Limited Warranty

  • Compatibility Issues

  • Not User-Friendly

  • Lack of Helpful Features

  • No Ease in Use

  • No Liability

  • Lack of Security

3.4 Simple Ways to Edit a PDF File

Everyone is familiar with the significant benefits and features of PDF softwares Editor, but probably not with its utilization. Here are the simplest ways to edit a PDF file on a reliable WPS pdf softwares editor. Have a look at the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open WPS

open WPS office suite

Step 2: Go to 'PDF Edit'

click on the pdf edit to edit your file

Step 3: Select Portable Document File and click Open.

select file and click open

Step 4: If you want to edit text by removing or adding, click 'Insert Text.'

conduct editing of text by clicking edit text

Step 5: Next, to add a Picture to your file, go to Insert and Click on 'Add Picture.'

add picture in the pdf file

Step 6: To add Links to the existing text of the file, simply go to the Edit section and click 'Link.'

add link to the desired text in pdf file

Step 7: You can go to ' Annotate ' for annotation in a pdf file.

add annotation to the text

Step 8: To sign your document, go to the 'Signature' option and verify, sign, and recognize your document file.

add signature to recognize text file

Step 9: Once done with editing the pdf file, you conduct its conversion by going to the Tools section and exploring your desired option. Moreover, it has other significant features you can execute on your file by clicking the OCR option.

select multiple option to convert pdf file

Step 10: Further, if you want to secure your portable document file, simply click on 'Protect.'

encrypt your file by protecting it

Step 11: At last, an accessible feature in the WPS pdf softwares: ' Share & Collaboration,' enables you to share your file as quickly as you ever thought.

make your pdf file shareable

Edit PDFs Easily with WPS Office

With time, you will probably realize that there are a lot of helpful tools that can help you to execute your work-related strategies in an efficient way. PDF softwares is one of those versatile, feature-rich tools and helpful for making significant changes in your document.

With the help of this pdf editing tool, you can make significant changes to your document, such as editing the date, content, formatting, images, and layout. For more convenience, you can use the pdf editor of the WPS office to open the files quickly without any formatting errors. WPS Office is a reliable technological suite providing you with an abundance of unique and reliable features while editing your portable document file.

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