Top 4 PDF Compressor for PC

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A good PDF size compressor will allow you to compress files without degrading the resolution. If you are wondering which the best free PDF compressor is, we have some options for you. Some of these products have a website you can use for online compression, the other desktop versions, you have to download. WPS Office is the one to recommend.

1. WPS

Sometimes the files are too large to upload or send to other people, so we need to compress the file. PDF is a commonly used format at work. In this free tutorial, you will learn how to compress PDF files within only several steps. Without further ado, let’s begin.

· Steps to compress PDF quickly in WPS Office.

1. Open the PDF file you need to compress in WPS Office.

2. Head to the Tools tab, and click Compress to pop up a dialog.

In the Kingsoft PDF Compression dialog:

3. Check the PDF file you need to compress, and set the Level of compression.

4. You can also click Add File to add more files to compress.

5. Set theLocation to save the compressed file at Save to Directory.

6. Click Compress to get the compressed file.

With these steps, you are able to compress PDF files quickly and freely. 


Simple and intuitive user interface.One-click tasks.Full-featured software.Affordable price.Regard as top-rated document management systems in TrustRadius.

2. Adobe Acrobat DC - PDF Compressor for Windows 10/Mac

Adobe Acrobat DC is the latest product by Adobe, the company that invented the PDF format. Given that Adobe invented PDF, the product is the most full-featured PDF compressor you can find. But sometimes, the abundance of features can be overwhelming.

The PDF creator comes with a full range of functionalities, but that comes with a price. Adobe Acrobat is on the pricier end of the spectrum. You get professional-level tools for viewing, editing, managing, creating, and converting PDF files.

The software has an intuitive design, and some say it is easy to use. But there are two sides to the story. Many users complain about the complexity of the product. As for unique features, Adobe can help you customize your toolbars. You can dock them and set them any way you like. For example, you can hide functions you do not need, and make the product simpler. Another standout feature is the touch-enabled functionality. This allows you to get easy access to mobile platforms.


Great for completing government forms.

 Ability to customize toolbars.

 Touch-enabled functionality.

 Highly versatile software.


Search function can be challenging.

 For graphic changes, you might need to go to the original document.

 Can be overwhelming with features.

 High price tag.

3. Foxit Phantom PDF - PDF Compressor Software for PC

Foxit is one of the leading software providers for fast and secure PDF solutions. Phantom PDF is one of the most commonly used PDF software. There are three pricing plans, including standard, business, and education. The last one is designed for students and education professionals.

Phantom PDF greatly improves productivity at work and allows you to securely work with different documents and forms. The multi-feature PDF solution allows you to open, edit, view, create and convert PDF documents. You get all the basic features and some advanced like cloud storage and OCR.

One of the signature features is the ability to work with multiple documents. You can split them into separate tabs. You can also use the font matching feature to use the same font as the original document in your text.


Easy to use and familiar interface.

Ability to work with multiple files at once.

Great sharing features.

Supports 41 languages.


Inability to have different header and footer.

The interface looks outdated.

Some users report OCR issues.

You have to download the specific OCR module.

4. PDF Architect - Customizable PDF Editor

PDF Architect delivers almost the same power as Adobe Acrobat at a fraction of the price. PDF Architect might end up being your least expensive and most expensive PDF compressor. Some might say this makes it the best PDF compressor.

The trick is in the modules. PDF Architect is the first and only customizable PDF software. You can download it for free, and then try any of the three different packages. Each package contains a specific set of tools you can use. These are the modules. Depending on what you need, you can download a different module.

The free version is quite limited, but you can still read PDF files. From there, you need to buy individual modules. This makes PDF Architect stand out from the crowd. The software delivers a unique approach to the standard model of software. For some people, the module system is cost-effective. For others, it might be a headache, and you might end up with a more expensive option than Adobe Acrobat.


Easy to use.

Module system, customizable product.

Great editing capability.

Can be cost-effective.


You have to pay for the viewing module, a basic feature.

No mobile optimization.

Modular systems can become expensive.

No drag and drop editing option.

Free Trial of PDF Compressor for PC of WPS Office

When you want to get the best PDF compressor free download, few can compete with WPS. This online platform allows you to edit PDF files and requires only web browser access.


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