Top 7 PDF Compressor for Windows

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A PDF compressor software is a specialized program that helps you to reduce the overall file size of a PDF so that it takes up less storage space. You may compress PDF files to turn down the size to meet the size limit for attachments imposed by mail clients, messaging apps, online channels that require you to upload documents, among others. Also, by performing PDF compression, you get to store or archive PDF files way better by saving storage space.

Naturally, PDFs are optimized for compression and there are two ways you can implement to reduce PDF file size; Lossless (mainly used on text PDF files), and Lossy (mainly used on PDFs with graphics and images). Of course, you need the best PDF compressor to keep a good balance between the output quality and size, and this article presents you with just the right programs for Windows users.

1: WPS

Sometimes the files are too large to upload or send to other people, so we need to compress the file. PDF is a commonly used format at work. In this free tutorial, you will learn how to compress PDF files in Windows devices within only several steps. Without further ado, let’s begin.

· Steps to compress PDF quickly in WPS Office.

1. Open the PDF file you need to compress in WPS Office.

2. Head to the Tools tab, and click Compress to pop up a dialog.

In the Kingsoft PDF Compression dialog:

3. Check the PDF file you need to compress, and set the Level of compression.

4. You can also click Add File to add more files to compress.

5. Set the Location to save the compressed file at Save to Directory.

6. Click Compress to get the compressed file.

With these steps, you are able to compress PDF files quickly and freely.

2. Neuxpower PDF Compressor 

With trust from over 2 million users, Neuxpower PDF Compressor for Windows promises to reduce PDF file size, up to 95%, in just a matter of seconds, signifying just how efficient it is. By using the Adobe PDF Library, this software can tap into the strong foundation of PDF compression that yields exceptional output.

Amazingly, this free download tool can directly and automatically compress PDF files so that they can fit for use as email attachments. Even when there are images in the PDF, Neuxpower will compress the images while still keeping good overall quality.

Unlike other PDF compressor software, you are open to reducing PDF file size before 300kb which is the limit for most tools. For further compression, you can zip the output PDFs.


Can compress PDFs below 300kb

Achieves up to 95% PDF compression

Available for online and offline use

Supports PDF image compression

Allows you to control the level of compression


Only supports 64-bit desktop architecture

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Web-based

Best for: Reliable online and offline PDF compression with up to 95% reduction in the original PDF size without drastically affecting the quality.


UPDF is part of the new wave of desktop PDF editors for Mac and Windows that is quickly gaining market share. Although it's a new product, the first release was a smashing success even though the features are limited. Eventually, UPDF will evolve into a full-fledged PDF editor that can take on the premium monsters in the industry. The biggest difference, however, is that UPDF is completely free. Yup, you don't have to pay it now or later.


UPDF is a 100% free PDF utility that currently offers editing, annotations, and page management. You can use the editing feature to replace high-resolution images with low-res ones so it acts as a PDF compressor. You can also remove extra content and pages using the editing and page handling features. You can even extract a set of pages to create a smaller but more relevant and concise PDF document from a larger one. With this much versatility, it wouldn't be a surprise of UPDF soon became a must-have PDF compressor for Windows and Mac.

4. Adobe PDF Compressor

Adobe Acrobat DC is a well-known PDF file compressor for Windows with excellent output results. Acrobat uses complex compression algorithms and sophisticated backend tech to compress a file to a much smaller size. You can even try and retain the quality of images to the maximum extent possible, and this is important when you're sharing the PDF physically in print because you can't compromise too much on quality just to get a smaller print size.


Aside from PDF compression, Acrobat can handle a range of functions that include editing, annotations, PDF security, file comparisons, form creation and management, optical character recognition or OCR, electronic and digital signatures, and a whole lot more. Acrobat is more of a holistic PDF and document management platform than a simple PDF compressor, but it can certainly get the job done right the first time!

5. Foxit PDF Editor

Formerly known as Phantom, the Foxit PDF Editor is yet another great PDF compressor download. This PDF compressor app for Windows also has a Mac version, but the Advanced Windows version doesn't have a matching version for macOS. Nevertheless, they're part of a diverse family of PDF applications that include cloud integration and other great features.


Speaking of which, Foxit packs a mean punch on the feature-richness scale. Extensive features to handle your PDF document workflows include editing, conversion, security, forms, and, of course, PDF compressor functionality. Foxit is also famous for its Windows-centric interface that makes it easy for Windows users to get the feel of this PDF compressor app quickly and painlessly.

6. Free PDF Compressor

This freeware utility unfortunately cannot be used for commercial purposes but if you need it for yourself, it's absolutely free to use, just like UPDF. However, it only does what the name Free PDF Compressor suggests - compress PDFs! No other functionality is integrated, so this is one of those rare dedicated tools for a very niche purpose. Nevertheless, this niche is quite huge because everyone needs to compress PDF at some point in their personal life - those bulky tax forms, your legal papers, medical records, and so on.


As mentioned, this is the only feature of this free PDF compressor; however, it does offer multiple compression levels, which is certainly a welcome addition to an otherwise stark PDF compressor app. You can choose from pre-press quality all the way down to screen quality, which is a jump from 300 dpi down to about 72 dpi. It also has a 'general purpose' option that's simply called - Default. No points for creativity there!

7. PDFescape for Desktop

The desktop avatar of this hugely famous online PDF tool is equally capable. It still has that 'basic-ish' feel about it because it lacks advanced tools like OCR, but as for all other tasks, PDFescape is as good as the rest of the bunch. The software lets you choose compression level so you can control the output size by deciding to prioritize size over quality and vice versa. The highest compression level is usually suitable for bulky documents with lots of text and images but also where the images are only meant for online viewing rather than for physical prints. For physical prints, a lower compression level is recommended.


Other features of PDFescape include editing, annotations, creating digital signatures, and so on. If you look at the online version, you'll see much of the same functionality but a highly simplified version of it. It does have some very useful tools for creating forms and so on, but no other advanced capabilities that can be used to compare it to Acrobat and other PDF editors in that class.

Free Trial of PDF Compressor for Windows of WPS Office

The WPS is the best PDF compressor software, a tool that should always be in your arsenal if you want to avoid bouncebacks on websites, email clients, social media, and others when you exceed the allowed PDF file size.

And of course, you require a program that will aptly identify and get rid of redundancy, identify patterns, and highlight document parts that can be compressed while keeping the original quality intact as much as possible. To save you the hassle of searching for that kind of tool, WPS with all features is the best PDF compressor software available at your disposal. It is now time to choose one.


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