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You can make it possible to make changes to a file by converting it from PDF format to Microsoft Word document format. Pdf files don't need to be converted to be modified; all you need is a pdf converter. As a result, it is more practical to convert it to Word and use that instead. Which of these converters is going to be worth your time and effort? And moreover, do the converters you investigate live up to the claims they make that they are so effective? Some users have heard of WPS PDF to Word Converter download; if you consider getting it in 2022, you should check out this review first.

The WPS PDF to Word Converter

If you do a simple search online, you will discover thousands of converters; in that case, what makes WPS PDF to Word Converter stand out from the crowd? This is, for the most part, a normal program that behaves the way we anticipate it will most of the time. It is possible to do fundamental conversions, such as converting a PDF to Word or Word back to PDF format and even converting a pdf to an image. This utility gives users access to a wide variety of additional functions to download, including the following:

  • PDFs can be cut up and transformed into several different file formats.
  • Converts PDF files to Word formats, including doc, docx, and rtf.
  • It is possible to convert multiple pdfs at once or in bulk.
  • It is also possible to combine and edit many pdfs into a single file or split a single PDF into multiple files.
  • After being converted to Word, the original pdf's formatting is entirely preserved.
  • The pricing for the full edition is $19.99 per year.

The WPS Office website also offers other tools, but only a subset of those tools are designed specifically for working with pdfs. In addition to the desktop application and the internet tool, the converter also comes as an app for Android devices. WPS PDF converter allows users to view and edit documents while on the go. When it comes to the Windows pdf converter, although it appears simple and uncomplicated, it possesses many capabilities that are universal but necessary, and these aspects must not be ignored.


The best free batch converter for converting PDF documents to Word.

Even if you have many documents and wish to keep their formatting intact, the WPS PDF to Word Converter is an excellent tool for converting from pdf to Word speedily and accurately in 2022. It is compatible with Windows, there is an app for Android, and there is also an online converter free. The graphics, tables, colors, and even non-standard fonts used in our test on Windows 10 were preserved in papers prepared using this software. The layout and spacing were also maintained.

Splitting apart a pdf document into its parts and then recombining those parts into a single file is a common source of frustration for users. With the help of the WPS Office PDF converter, you will be able to select the pages from the pdf that you want to convert, arrange them in whatever order you like, and then export a new document in a variety of formats while maintaining the structure and layout of the original document.

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