Kingsoft PDF To Word Converter App: Offline And Online

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WPS PDF to Word converter, formerly known as kingsoft PDF to Word converter, is an outstanding software accessible offline as well as online from WPS Office, a well-known app for delivering up an entire office suite. A variety of PDF converters are accessible in the WPS Office app, as well as online on the WPS official website. The key advantage of utilizing this tool is its simplicity of user interface (clean, simple to explore, and easy to use). It can convert images to PDF, word documents to PDF, spreadsheets to PDF, and vice versa. With superb OCR, the conversion quality is high and responsive.

WPS PDF Converter is incredibly light and is an excellent choice if you do not want to purchase or cannot afford a pricey converter. The conversion is quick and delivers the relevant information in a PDF. WPS, like other PDF to Word converters, offers a limited number of free conversions (5 conversions). For limitless conversion, you must purchase the Pro edition, which is the most affordable on the market.

Methods to Access WPS (Kingsoft) PDF to word converter

WPS PDF is an app that is included in the WPS Office suite as well as accessible separately in all app stores. All operating systems are supported by the WPS PDF app. Furthermore, it is also available online under WPS PDF tools.

1-WPS (Kingsoft) PDF Converter App

Visit the webpage to download the Kingsoft/WPS PDF converter for your system.

2-WPS (Kingsoft) PDF PDF Online Converter

Convert your PDF files to many editable formats and vice versa, by visiting the WPS PDF Tools available at

3-WPS (Kingsoft) Office App

If you need a complete office suite for free, download the WPS (Kingsoft) Office app now from any play store or from this link ,which consists of all the necessary PDF tools and Apps like;

  • WPS PDF Editor
  • WPS PDF Converters
  • WPS writer
  • WPS Presentation
  • WPS Spreadsheet

Free & Premium Features of WPS (Kingsoft) Office

Free Features

  • Complete Office Suite with necessary apps like Word Writer, presentation maker, PDF and Spreadsheet
  • 100% Compatible with Microsoft Office Suite
  • Word-Class Text Editor
  • Much More Than Text
  • View Multiple Documents
  • Save To PDF
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Password Protection
  • Mail Merge
  • Advanced Spreadsheets
  • Formulas and Functions
  • Table Formatting
  • Built-In Charts
  • Pivot Tables
  • Advanced Modeling
  • 1 Million Rows
  • Amazing Presentations
  • Lots of Extras
  • Advanced Animation
  • Extended Desktop Support
  • User Comments
  • Mobile Office Suite
  • PDF To Word Converter
  • Data Recovery

Premium Features

  • No ads
  • Connect upto 9 devices
  • Printed character into editable text (OCR)
  • File to picture
  • PDF Tools unlimited conversion
  • PDF Tools no limit of file size
  • Full PDF editing
  • PDF Merge and Split
  • PDF Cropping
  • Data encryption
  • Fonts packs
  • PDF Support
  • Document collaboration
  • Multi-language support

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Final Words


WPS PDF to Word converter is formerly known as kingsoft PDF to Word converter. But on June 6, 2014, all kingsoft products were renamed as WPS products. So in this manner, Kingsoft office, now WPS Office, has outstanding PDF editing, converting, and compressing features in addition to word, presentation and sheets processors. WPS PDF Converter is available both online and offline. WPS PDF Converter tool is included by default in WPS Office, but you may install it separately from any app store. Apart from this you can also access WPS (Kingsoft) PDF to Word converter online. Download the Kingsoft or WPS PDF to Word converter app now.

Free download WPS Office Software for Windows with 7-day free trial right now!

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