How to Use Image Converter of WPS for Free in 2022: Online and Offline Ways

July 31, 20231.3K views

Nowadays, it's essential to know the methods of conversion of images into any other format. Suppose we have a collection of images and want to send them to any other person or client. There should be a secure file format that cannot be altered by anyone. For this purpose, we need to convert our image into PDF to ensure the document's security. Because PDF is the only file format that doesn't allow anyone to make changes to the documents. Besides PDF, you may also have to convert images to a different format.

The image converter of WPS Office is compatible with converting images into different formats. WPS Office is available online and offline to increase productivity. This software has a user-friendly interface that doesn't require any technical practice.

Convert Image to PDF Using Image Converter of WPS Office Offline Desktop Application

WPS is a professional tool that allows users to create, edit, and convert PDF documents in various formats. Conversion of images into PDF is an easy process by using WPS Office. So, if you're still struggling to search for software for the conversion of images, then WPS office is the right choice.

Steps for converting images to PDF using an image converter of WPS are as follows:


Download the WPS office application from the official website and install it on your computer.


Open the WPS application; click on the "Picture to PDF" option at the left sidebar. A popup will appear; here, you need to select the image from the system's local memory. You can also select the image by dragging it and drop at the required place.



Once you select the image, a new window will appear. You can adjust several settings here, including the output mode, export format, and orientation. After that, click on the "Convert" Button.



After some processing, your image will convert into a PDF.

Convert JPG to PDF Using Image Converter of WPS Office Online

WPS online converter is also available, allowing users to convert the images to PDF online. This tool is straightforward that doesn't require any technical practice to do.

Working of image converter of WPS Office is as follows:


Go to the web browser and search "WPS JPG to PDF online converter"


Inside the converter, Click on the "JPG to PDF" button. It will show you the JPG to PDF converter screen.



You can select the image manually or by drag and drop for conversion.



Once you select the image, it'll start converting the image into PDF format.

Final Words

Several images to PDF converters are available, but the WPS office's image to PDF converter is one of the best. WPS Office is used to create, edit, and share PPT, Excel and PDF. This software is available online and offline for a better experience. The free tutorials provided by WPS Office academy cover each step in detail.

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