3 Easy Methods on How to Compress PDF to JPG

July 31, 20232.3K views

While working on workstations different file formats are needed for different purposes. Sometimes to read, sometimes to send, sometimes to open a bulk file according to users' professional office work. JPG is a very popular file format for image viewers and most of the time we open our images in JPG format. PDF is mostly famous for its sending responsive extension but sometimes it is not supported for some devices. Hence we convert a PDF file to JPG format and when the file size is big we have to compress it to a low size.

In this article, I will show you how we convert and compress a PDF to JPG.

Advantages to Compress PDF to JPG

  • PDF is a file that is used to send fast but compressing PDF to JPG is faster.

  • JPG is the most supporting image format for every device.

  • A PDF file is already compressed so PDF to JPG can use to compress further working purposes

Use WPS Office with easy Compress PDF to JPG


WPS Office is the most versatile office suite to convert and compress PDF to JPG files within short and easy steps. Here is how we follow the steps to convert and compress a PDF file to JPG given below:


Open WPS Office with a pdf file that needs to compress to a JPG file.

Go to the top of the Home bars and select PDF to Picture.


Select JPG file format and take normal 100% quality to compress that JPG file with good quality. Press the export button to get the JPG file.


Here we get our compressed JPG file with 100% quality like you see in the upper image.


Check here to learn more about how to convert PDF to Jpg by using WPS for free: How to Convert PDF to JPG Free? Use WPS PDF!

Utilize Adobe Acrobat Online Tools for PDF to JPG Compressing


Adobe Acrobat is mostly used for opening PDF file format where it is for large file format adobe acrobat has a compression file format option. Here is how we convert and compress PDF to JPG files.

Open Adobe acrobat online tool and select PDF file to convert JPG.


Converting PDF to JPG has opened a new window. Drop down the selected image format. We select here JPG format and press “ convert to JPG ’’


Our JPG file is installed and ready to compress.


Compress PDF to JPG file is reduced and easy to fast send.

Get more information about how to compress PDF to Jpg file with Adobe here: Adobe PDF to JPG Converter Free Download in 2022

Use DocFly to Compress PDF to JPG Image


online converter DocFly can easily compress and convert a pdf file to jpg format. We are going to see the process of converting and compressing files.


Just drag and drop or choose a file from your browser your pdf file into the box.


Select your optimized size to reduce the file size. Here we select the smallest file size. and enter the “optimize PDF” button.


After compressing the PDF file now we are ready to convert it to JPG format. Simply select PDF to Image option and get a compressed jPG file easily.



The average user could only export pictures of normal quality with the default tools and watermark. It is useful to learn how to compress pdf. Also, it is essential to maintain the quality of compressing image files, Using the compression feature of WPS Premium can compress and quickly help you to solve this problem. You can subscribe to WPS Premium to enjoy more features from its website, such as removing or customizing any Image file with watermarks and improving image quality.

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