A Compressive Guide to SmallPDF [2024]

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This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to using SmallPDF. As we move forward in this era of digitalization, PDFs are rapidly becoming very important for document sharing and collaboration. However, managing, editing, and signing PDFs can often be an inconvenient task. SmallPDF is a powerful web-based tool that simplifies PDF transformations. Mastering SmallPDF and its alternative WPS Office can quickly increase your productivity.

SmallPDF Home

Part 1: What is SmallPDF Used For?

SmallPDF is a versatile platform that excels in PDF conversions and individual tool usage. However, when it comes to handling diverse editing needs that require multiple tools, SmallPDF editor may reveal some limitations. At this time, you can use WPS Office, WPS Office is a more excellent PDF resolution tool.

SmallPDF Popular Tools

Features offered by SmallPDF:

  1. PDF conversion

  2. PDF editing

  3. PDF encryption

  4. PDF merging

  5. PDF signing

  6. Mobile apps for Android and iOS

  7. Desktop app for Windows

  8. PDF compression

  9. PDF splitting

  10. PDF page numbering

  11. PDF watermarking

  12. PDF rotating

  13. PDF OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Part 2: How to Use SmallPDF on Web

Using SmallPDF on the web is simple and straightforward.

Step 1: Visit the SmallPDF Homepage

Step 2: Select the Compress PDF tool out of 21 free PDF tools available.

SmallPDF compress PDF tool

Step 3: Drag and Drop Your PDF

SmallPDF drag and drop file

Step 4: The file will be uploaded, this might take a few moments.

SmallPDF Upload

Step 5: Once the file has been uploaded, users will be asked to select the type of compression required .

SmallPDF Compress options

Step 6: Once the process has been completed, the customized PDF will be available for download on the right corner of the screen

SmallPDF Download


  • Easy accessibility from any web browser

  • Wide range of tools for various PDF tasks

  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation

  • Integration with popular cloud storage services

  • Emphasis on data security and privacy


  • Limited free usage with restrictions on tasks/file size

  • Dependence on a stable internet connection

  • Potential privacy concerns with online services

Part 3: How to Use SmallPDF on Chrome

Step 1: Launch Chrome Browser and visit Chrome Web store

Step 2: Search and Install SmallPDF

SmallPDF Chrome extension

Step 3: Access SmallPDF Extension once successfully installed.

SmallPDF Chrome extension

Step 4: Simply select a tool and upload the file that needs to be customized. Once customized, the file will be available for download.

SmallPDF Chrome tools


  • Seamless integration with the Chrome browser

  • Quick and easy access through the SmallPDF Chrome extension

  • Ability to open and process PDF files directly from Chrome

  • Wide range of tools and features available within the extension

  • Convenient file management and processing within the Chrome environment


  • Limited functionality compared to the full SmallPDF web platform

  • Reliance on the availability and compatibility of the Chrome extension

  • Potential compatibility issues with certain Chrome versions or configurations

  • Less flexibility and customization options compared to the web platform

Part 4: How to Use SmallPDF on Google Drive

Step 1: Log in to Google Drive

Step 2: Locate the PDF File and find the more action at the end of the screen

Google Drive

Step 3: On the menu, click on “Open with” followed by “Connect

SmallPDF Connect more app

Step 4: Search for SmallPDF in the search bar

SmallPDF on Google Drive

Step 5: Install SmallPDF on your Google Drive to open PDF with SmallPDF and customize it online.

SmallPDF installation on Google Drive

Step 6: Once installed, PDF’s can now be accessed using SmallPDF on your Google Driveusers can also use free tools provided by SmallPDF to customize their PDFs online.

SmallPDF tools on Google Drive


  • Seamless integration with Google Drive for easy access and file management

  • Directly open and process PDF files from within Google Drive

  • Utilize SmallPDF's wide range of tools and features for PDF editing and conversion

  • Preserve the organization and structure of files within Google Drive while working on them with SmallPDF

  • Convenient and streamlined workflow for users already accustomed to Google Drive


  • Limited to the functionality provided by SmallPDF within Google Drive

  • Potential compatibility issues with certain file types or complex document structures

  • Reliance on a stable internet connection for accessing SmallPDF features within Google Drive

  • Limited customization options compared to the full SmallPDF web platform

Part 5: How to Use SmallPDF on Mobile

Step 1: Visit the App Store on your iPhone or Android device to download SmallPDF on your device..

Step 2: Launch the SmallPDF App on your device once the installation is complete

Step 3: Open a PDF that needs to be customized and select a tool

SmallPDF open a PDF on your device

Step 4: Select a tool from the list of tools available on the App.

SmallPDF tools on mobile app

Step 5: Save the Modified Document. Choose the desired location to save the file (e.g., device storage, cloud storage).


  • Convenient access to SmallPDF tools directly from your mobile device.

  • Simple installation process from the official app stores (Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS).

  • Wide selection of tools available for various PDF tasks (e.g., editing, conversion, compression).

  • Easy file selection and import from device storage or cloud storage within the app.

  • Intuitive on-screen instructions for processing PDF files.

  • Ability to save the modified documents to your device or cloud storage.


  • Limited functionality compared to the web version of SmallPDF.

  • Possible compatibility issues with certain file types or complex PDF structures.

  • Reliance on a stable internet connection for accessing and using the app.

  • Potential constraints on file size or number of tasks based on the app version.

  • Less flexibility and customization options compared to the web platform.

Part 6: How to Use SmallPDF on Desktop App

Step 1: Open your web browser and go to the SmallPDF website

Step 2: On the SmallPDF homepage, find Download for Windows at the bottom of the page or simply click on the link to visit the SmallPDF download page.

SmallPDF Desktop App download

Step 3: Once downloaded, open the file from your download to start the installation process.

SmallPDF desktop install

Step 4: After the installation is complete, launch the app.

SmallPDF installation wizard

Step 5: Users can use the tools provided such as SmallPDF Encrypt to protect our PDFs and many other PDF tools.

SmallPDF Desktop App tool

Part 7: SmallPDF for Individuals, Businesses & Education







PDF Editing

PDF Conversion

PDF Comparison

PDF Merging

PDF Splitting

PDF Encryption



File Privacy and security

Cloud Storage Integration

✔(Google Drive, Drop box)

✔(Google Drive, Drop box)

✔(Google Drive, Drop box)

Collaborative Features

✔(Shared team workspace, commenting)

✔(Shared assignments, feedback)

Bulk Processing

✔(Batch processing of multiple files)

✔(Bulk assignment submissions) Custom Branding

Custom Branding

✔(Add company logo, branding)

Analytics Report

✔ (Usage statistics, activity logs)

✔ (student, progress checking)


Freemium options with premium options

Subscription based plans

Discounted plans for educational institutions

Part 8: Can I use SmallPDF for free?

While SmallPDF does offer a free plan, they also have three other paid plans available. These plans come with enhanced functionality and advanced tools to meet specific user requirements. Let's take a closer look at each of these plans:

1. Overview of SmallPDF's plans and pricing

SmallPDF offers multiple pricing plans to cater to different needs and budgets. Here's an overview of their plans:

Free Plan: available at no cost and provides access to 21 SmallPDF tools, available on both browser and mobile app

Pro Plan: Costs USD 9 per month per user, billed annually. Additional features are:

  • Ad free

  • Convert scanned PDFs to Word

  • Digital seal protection

Team Plan: Priced at USD 7 per month per user, billed annually. It includes some additional features along with Pro Plan features:

  • Team collaboration

  • Flexible billing

Business Plan: Pricing are different as it is a custom plan, price varies according to functionalities required. Features include all Team plan features and the following:

  • Personalized onboarding program

  • Flexible payment options and a custom contract

  • Dedicated customer support .

2. Features of each plan

  • Free Plan: The Free plan offers access to 21 SmallPDF tools and allows you to work on both the website and mobile app.

  • Pro Plan: In addition to the Free plan features, the Pro plan includes Pro features like Strong Compress, converting scanned PDFs to Word, and digital seal protection on signatures. It also provides unlimited document downloads, desktop applications, file storage, an ad-free experience, and customer support.

  • Team Plan: The Team plan encompasses all the Pro plan features and extends them with easy and flexible billing management, the ability to add more users, volume discount pricing, and priority customer support.

  • Business Plan: The Business plan incorporates all the features of the Team plan and offers additional benefits such as a personalized onboarding program, flexible payment options, a custom contract, and a dedicated customer success manager.

3. Which plan is best for you

Free Plan: The Free plan is suitable for individuals and occasional PDF needs, providing access to essential tools without any cost.

Pro Plan: The Pro plan is recommended for professionals who require advanced features, desktop applications, and additional support. It is ideal for users who frequently work with PDFs and need the enhanced functionalities offered by SmallPDF.

Team Plan: The Team plan is designed for small to medium-sized teams that require collaborative features, flexible billing options, and priority support. It is well-suited for teams that work on projects involving PDF documents.

Business Plan: The Business plan is tailored for larger businesses with specific requirements. It provides personalized onboarding, customized contracts, and dedicated support to meet the unique needs of the organization.

Part 9: SmallPDF vs. WPS Office

1. Comparison of SmallPDF with WPS Office

When comparing SmallPDF and WPS PDF, it can be a bit confusing to determine which one is better. Both platforms offer a range of features and tools for working with PDF documents, making the choice a bit challenging. However, there are some subtle factors that indicate that WPS PDF has an edge over SmallPDF.

WPS Office

SmallPDF and WPS Office are two popular PDF management tools available to users online. SmallPDF has garnered popularity for its user-friendly interface and an impressive collection of PDF editing capabilities.

Meanwhile, WPS PDF shines in specific domains that make it an enticing choice for many users. With advanced editing options, including robust features for form filling and OCR technology, allowing users to convert scanned documents into editable text. This distinctive functionality sets WPS PDF apart and appeals to those seeking extensive editing capabilities.



WPS Office

PDF Editing

Limited editing capabilities

Robust editing tools

File Conversion

Extensive conversion options

Supports various file formats

File Compression

Efficient compression options

Limited compression features

OCR Function

OCR functionality available

OCR functionality available

Cloud Integration

Seamless integration with cloud

Integrated cloud storage

Mobile Support

Mobile-friendly web interface

Mobile apps available


Subscription-based pricing

One-time Purchase

2. How to use WPS Office

Step 1: To download WPS Office, users can simply use the WPS Office website.

Step 2: Click on download located at the center of the screen.

WPS Office- Free All-in-One Office Suite
  • Use Word, Excel, and PPT for FREE, No Ads.

  • Edit PDF files with the powerful PDF toolkit.

  • Microsoft-like interface. Easy to learn. 100% Compatibility.

  • Boost your productivity with WPS's abundant free Word, Excel, PPT, and CV templates.

5,820,008 User
Algirdas Jasaitis

Step 3: Once downloaded, WPS Office can easily be installed.

Step 4: After the installation is completed, launch WPS Office, we can compress, edit, merge, split and many other features can now be accessed for free on WPS Office.

Step 5: we can easily compress a PDF by clicking on “PDF Compress”

WPS Office compress PDF

Step 6: Choose the PDF that needs to be compress.

WPS Office Open file

Step 7: After the PDF is successfully uploaded, select one of the option available from “HD”, “Normal” or “Common” and click on “Compress” to complete the process.

WPS Office Open file


Q1: Can I Use SmallPDF on MAC?

Yes, SmallPDF is compatible with MAC operating systems, allowing you to use it seamlessly on your MAC device.

Q2: Is PDF Simple safe?

PDF Simple is a safe platform for working with PDF files. It takes security seriously and ensures the protection of your documents and personal information.

Q3: Can I convert SmallPDF without limit?

SmallPDF offers a free version that allows you to convert PDF files without any limits. However, there are certain advanced features and additional benefits available in the paid subscription plans.

Q4: How do I cancel a SmallPDF subscription?

If you wish to cancel your SmallPDF subscription, it's a straightforward process. Simply navigate to the "Plan" section on your Account page, and you'll find the option to cancel your Pro trial or existing subscription. Even after cancellation, you'll retain access to all Pro features for the remaining duration of your current billing period.


In this comprehensive article, we explore the SmallPDF guide and its offerings, highlighting its strengths and features. However, when compared to the pinnacle of PDF excellence, WPS PDF, it becomes evident that WPS PDF outshines SmallPDF in terms of advanced functionality, superior performance, and an array of enhanced features. Discover why WPS PDF is the ultimate choice for those seeking unparalleled PDF capabilities and why SmallPDF pales in comparison.

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