A Guide on How to Convert CSV to PDF

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A CSV file is a unique file that stores tables and spreadsheet information. The tables contain text or numbers and other data as well. It is short for Commas separated values and it enables the collection of data from a table which can then be conveyed as input to other similar applications such as Microsoft Excel. This write-up discusses how to convert CSV to PDF using different methods as well as other information you need to know about the CSV file format.

Structure Of The CSV File Format

The first line of the CSV file will have the labels for the columns of the table. Below them are rows of what each label represents with the cells separated by commas hence the name comma separated values.


As seen above, A CSV file is very similar to any text file. This implies that you can create the file using a text editor. The file can also be exported from spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

Opening A CSV File

Having both qualities of a spreadsheet and text, a CSV file can be opened by any of the related Programs. this can either be a text editor or a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel. Using a spreadsheet program is however preferred to using a text editor by most people who handle this kind of file. The reason for this is that the Spreadsheet program usually displays the data within the CSV file in a way that is easier to read and work with.

Converting CSV File To PDF

Time to now learn how to convert CSV to PDF using different methods available.

Why Convert CSV To PDF

before seeing how to convert CSV to PDF, we start by highlighting the importance of undertaking this action. Converting a CSV to PDF is beneficial in the following ways:

  • You preserve the structure and formatting of your document since it is not easy to alter a PDF document unlike a CSV file
  • It makes the document more secure. PDFs can be password protected and unless one has a password, they may not view the contents of the file
  • PDFs can be accessed by many people since many devices can open a PDF and also because there are many free PDF viewers compared to text editors and spreadsheet programs required to open CSV files.
  • PDFs are good at maintaining the formatting of your file, unlike other file formats.

Ways Of Converting CSV To PDF

There are several ways how to convert CSV to PDF. these can largely be categorized into online and offline methods. The offline method involves the use of a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. Online methods are the different online PDF converters available on the web.

Using Microsoft Excel

Step1: open the CSV file in Microsoft Excel by double clicking on it and choosing the opening program as Microsoft Excel.

Step2: click on the ‘File’ tab at the top left corner and then the ‘Print’ tab in the File menu that appears


Step3: click on ‘Print’ which saves your CSV file as a PDF

Step4: select the appropriate location to store your PDF file and click on the ‘Save’ button to save the file

Using CSV To PDF Online Converters

There are many CSV to PDF converter online tools available for use. One good example is Convertio.

Using Convertio to Convert CSV to PDF


Step1: Visit the Convertio website and upload your CSV file.

Step2: choose the convert to PDF option in a drop-down menu available


Step3: click on the convert button and wait for the conversion to finish. Click on download to get your PDF file.

Advantages of Using Online CSV to PDF converters

Online PDF converters can sometimes be used because they:

  • Are easier and faster to use compared to using spreadsheet programs
  • Most are free and require no registration to convert
  • They are browser-based so conversion can be done on any device regardless of its operating system.
  • They allow you to convert to other formats as well

PDFs are among the most commonly used documents. that is why this article has focused on how to convert CSV to PDF. you can download WPS Office here https://pdf.wps.com and use it to protect your PDF file and also use its spreadsheet program to convert CSV files to PDF.

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