Best PDF Editor for Windows 10 - Top 6 in 2024

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You want to edit PDF files, but you also want to be able to modify photos, add your graphics, digitally sign documents, fill out forms, and do other things. You want the best PDF editor for windows 10 that gives you these options and more. But, if you need to know what you're doing when selecting the best PDF editor for Windows 10, you're more likely to be stuck in that rut.

Finding an affordable online best PDF editor for windows 10 that meets your specific requirements might be challenging due to the wide variety of available products. We looked into the market for the best PDF tools and compiled a set that should meet your needs. This article comprehensively overviews the best free PDF editors for Windows.

Our top pick is WPS Office PDF Editor, and here's why before you check out the rest of the alternatives:

  1. You can download WPS Office quickly and for free, and it has almost all of the essential and critical functions you would expect from an office suite.

  2. It can produce and edit a wide variety of document types, including but not limited to texts, tables, images, custom diagrams, and more.

  3. Through one interface, WPS Office enables groups to share bookmarks, alter the look and feel of presentations, add transitions and animations, highlight text, combine files, and change the backdrop of their reading material.

  4. Among its many features are document scanning, support for many languages, a library of customizable templates, file recovery/repair tools, routine data backups, and more.

  5. Using APIs, WPS Office may connect to other programs such as Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office 365, Google Docs, and more.

Top 6 Best PDF Editor For Windows 10 - Free

PDF-XChange Editor/ Editor Plus

The PDF-XChange Editor, the follow-up to the widely-used PDF-XChange Viewer, gives its customers a wide range of tools to modify PDF files. You may access a wide variety of capabilities beyond those typically found in a PDF tool via the Document, Comments, and Tools menus, all of which allow you to change and adapt files to suit your needs.

Key Features:

  1. Scan documents, photos, and other materials into your PDF to create appealing multimedia PDFs without conversion.

  2. The software's primary focus is version control, which allows it to monitor changes, recognize older versions, and update them without causing problems.

  3. Easily annotate parts of the document while you're making it or later on if modifying rights were granted.

  4. Export your work as a dependable, professional PDF from various data sources, such as photos and numerous text formats (including HTML).

System Support:

From Windows 7, PDF-XChange Editor is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Usage Tips:

  1. Launch PDFelement after downloading it on your computer. 

  2. Launch the software and choose Open to locate the PDF you want to work on. 

  3. When the File is loaded, choose Edit from the menu bar to see the editing tools. 

  4. When you're through making changes to a PDF document, you may save it as a variety of other file types.

What We Like The Most:

We could sign and validate documents using the highest security measures using this PDF software. This has become more crucial and practically expected in the PDF community recently.

WPS Office - Best PDF Editor

Regarding PDFs, WPS PDF is the online tool you need. The best pdf editor for windows 10 form filler is free to make it simple to make edits, convert files, and manage your PDF library. WPS PDF works with many different file types, including Adobe PDF. Use WPS PDF if you need to process PDF files quickly.

Key Features:

  1. WPS PDF Editor provides a wide range of functionalities, such as modifying the text, crop pages, dividing pages, adjusting headers and footers, and much more. 

  2. WPS PDF Editor is preferable to Microsoft Word since it allows you to make changes to PDFs without converting them into Word documents.

  3. Signing a document is as easy as clicking a button in WPS PDF Editor. In addition, the signature's size and font are fully customizable.

  4. You can make notes, highlight text, and more using WPS PDF Editor's Comment tool.

  5. WPS PDF is compatible with numerous formats, including Adobe Acrobat PDFs.

System Support:

WPS Office can run on a wide variety of computer platforms. Each major mobile and desktop operating system is covered, from iOS and Android to Windows, Linux, and macOS. A portable computer or mobile device allows you to work whenever convenient.

Usage Tips:

  1. Get WPS Office running on your computer. 

  2. Transfer the File you want to upload. 

  3. Select Edit from the primary menu to make changes to your document. 

  4. Make any adjustments to the PDF file that you see necessary. 

  5. To save a copy of the revised PDF, click File> Save in the main menu.

What We Like The Most:

WPS is a great choice for anyone looking for a single piece of software to fulfill all your office needs since it includes a PDF editor, word processor, presentation maker, and spreadsheet editor. All PDF files are accessible for editing and viewing. The WPS Office comes with all the necessary PDF document-editing tools already installed, saving you time and effort.


TinyWow is a fantastic website that offers a wide variety of useful free services, including the best pdf editor for windows 10 and a converter. You may change the content, insert new text, highlight or blackout portions, add shapes and checkboxes, insert the current date and time, upload photographs, and even sign your name.

Key Features:

  1. The software has no fee attached to it whatsoever.

  2. After an hour, files are removed from your computer without your knowledge.

  3. The software can perform various functions on PDF files, including dividing, unlocking, protecting, merging, and converting to a Word document.

  4. Perform a format conversion on a picture file.

System Support:

TinyWow is a free service that allows users to batch-convert files on any platform (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS).

Usage Tips:

Navigate to the Tiny Wow website. Choose the site's PDF editor to make changes. Now, put the File you want to change online. Best pdf editor for windows 10 edit as required. It's done; download it.

NOTE: TinyWow allows users to upload PDF files from their local PC, Google Drive, or Dropbox. You can download a PDF by selecting the PDF option in the page's menu bar.

What We Like The Most:

It's great that we can quickly and easily unlock, merge, split, compress, and digitally sign PDF files on this site. Additionally, we could convert movies to GIFs, compress photos, and convert them to other file formats.


Canva is a powerful online tool for making personalised, professional-grade graphics. You may use the program's editing features on a preexisting PDF or start from scratch with a template.

Key Features:

  1. After importing a PDF into Canva, you can make changes, add notes, and share your work from any device.

  2. Share encrypted links of your PDF file with colleagues, or give them access to make changes.

  3. Make corrections, additions, and deletions to text, photos, and other elements easily and without switching between various tools.

  4. Add, remove, rotate, and rearrange pages using simple drag-and-drop operations to revitalise your document's flow.

  5. Use content-blending and structure-altering tools to breathe new life into your document's page arrangement.

System Support:

Canva works with several different platforms. These include iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

Usage Tips:

  1. Upload your PDF to the main page by dragging it there.

  2. To access your uploaded files, choose Projects from the main page's side menu. 

  3. You may upload a file by dragging it to the page or clicking the Upload button.

  4. When ready, open the PDF in Canva by clicking on it.

  5. Edit the document, and share it by clicking on the Share icon in the upper right corner.

What We Like The Most:

Canva gives you more options for modifying text than other free programs. You can alter the content with just one click and customize any text area's font, size, and color.

PDFescape Online PDF Editor

PDFescape offers a plethora of functionalities. This editor does not allow you to update existing text or pictures, but you may add new content such as text, photos, links, form fields, and more. If your work is under 100 pages or 10 MB in size, you may use their service at no cost.

Key Features:

  1. Size, font, colour, alignment, and effects like bolding, italicising, and underlining are just some of the many personalization options available in the text tool.

  2. In addition to these standard annotation tools, you can draw directly on the PDF, add sticky notes, strikethrough text, place white space over anything you wish to vanish, and add arrows, lines, rectangles, checkmarks, and comments.

  3. PDFescape allows you to remove pages from a PDF, flip them horizontally or vertically, cut unwanted areas, rearrange them, and even import new PDF pages.

System Support:

The web-based version is compatible with every major platform, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android. Additionally, a Windows-compatible offline editor is available. However, it comes at a price.

Usage Tips:

Create a PDF from scratch, create a PDF from an existing file, or paste the URL of an online PDF. Once you're done making changes, save the PDF File to your desktop without creating an account beforehand.

What We Like The Most:

Existing PDFs are easily edited by uploading and editing using PDFEscape. When making minor adjustments, the text tools and whiteout come in helpful. The process of downloading again after usage is similarly straightforward.


Among the various best free PDF editors for Windows 10, PDFelement stands out as our top choice for several reasons. The free edition of this PDF editor has many robust features and is optimised for user requirements. In PDFelement, you may change the text, photos, drawings, hyperlinks, page headers, and page footers.

Key Features:

  1. PDF files may be created, edited, converted, signed, and annotated.It's simple to merge, split, and sort PDF documents

  2. Prepare paperwork by filling it out or making your own. OCR, or optical character recognition, allows for accurate text recognition.

  3. The desktop version of PDFelement has a built-in Document Cloud, allowing users to upload, share, and retrieve PDFs from the cloud.

System Support:

PDFelement makes editing PDF files on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices simple. Document Cloud is integrated to access your PDF files from any device, anywhere, and improve your experience.

Usage Tips

  1. Download the best PDF editor for windows 10, and then load the document you wish to edit. 

  2. To modify the text in a PDF file, upload the File and get to work. 

  3. Once you're done making changes, you may save the document as a PDF, Word document, or any format supported by Adobe Acrobat. 

  4. If you want to export or save your work, you'll need a Wondershare account.

What We Like The Most:

Constant updates have made PDFelement the premier solution thanks to its revamped user interface and lightning-fast, high-performance features. PDFelement simplifies the process of editing and managing PDF documents.


What is the best free PDF editor for Windows?

WPS Office is a robust PDF editor that provides superior functionality with convenience, device compatibility, annotating features, and more.

Which software is best for editing PDF files?

If you need a PDF editor with all the bells and whistles, go no further than PDF-XChange Editor. It makes it easy to make changes to or add or delete text. You may also change the position and size or even delete any images.

Download Your PDF Editor Now!

Users that routinely deal with contracts, such as salesmen and real estate agents, might benefit from the list of best PDF Editor for windows 10 picks. It will allow them to customise standard contracts to individual clients' needs easily. Document scanning software allows users to scan PDFs and make the required changes to the fields.

Although PDF-Xchange is a powerful platform, WPS Office is today's greatest PDF editor. Download Your WPS Office Now!

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