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July 31, 20232.5K views

Portable Document Format is a commonly used format for online document sharing in offices, business, freelancing, graphic designing, educational uses and many more. PDF files are sometimes cumbersome and take a long time for conversion, editing, reading and sharing. Nuance developers have solved the problems for all the users and have updated their version of the Nuance PDF Reader. The Nuance PDF Reader version 8.1 is compatible with Windows, Linux, IOS, Android and a variety of other boot systems. Nuance is being used worldwide by healthcare professionals, education institutes and business firms for dealing with PDF files on large scales.

What Do You Get with a Nuance PDF Reader Free Trial 

Nuance pdf reader version 8.1 is an easy-to-use, time-saving, budget-friendly, safe and efficient PDF reader that offers a free 7 day trial before registration. With the free trial we get many features as discussed below:

  • You can enable and disable JavaScript according to your will for security purposes.

  • Read PDF files with nuance pdf reader free trial version.

  • You can convert PDF files to excel, word, PowerPoint, RTF or any other format of your choice according to your requirement.

  • Annotate and highlight your text.

  • Share your files over nauance pdf reader free trial.

How to Download and Install Nuance PDF Reader

1- To download Nuance reader open your browser and search for “Nuance PDF Reader”. A tab opens that shows results for your search. Click result from sofo]tonic browser.


2- Click on the button “Free download for Windows”. Your application has started to download. Wait till it downloads.

Now it's time to start the installation procedure. For installation, double click, on the downloaded fill.


3- Now complete the installation procedure and click on the “Next” button.


4- Now agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA) so that you can continue, then click “ next”.


5- Now provide the required customer information (user name and organization) and click the “next” button.


6- Select the location where you want to install your application “Nuance pdf Reader” and click “Next”.


7- Now select whether you want to enable or disable Javascript. Disabling Javascript will provides security for your files.


8- The installation procedure has started.


9- Your application has been installed, and now it’s up to you if you want to check out the free version for 7 days or register with the application.


10 - Your free trial has started, and your workspace is ready to use.


How to Cancel Subscription of Nuance PDF Reader

Login to the account. Select nuance pdf subscription and click cancel my subscription. Your subscription will be cancelled immediately and you won’t be charged anymore.

Discovering WPS Office: Best Alternative to Nuance PDF Reader

WPS Office is an easy-to-use software that has a wide range of applications such as MS word, Power point, Excel whereas Nuance Reader is for PDF reading only. WPS office free trial for 7-days free of cost like Nuance. WPS Office is more versatile and user-friendly as it enables editing of many formats, but Nuance doesn’t have editing options. WPS Office is far better than Nuance Reader, having fewer features than WPS office. You can edit, create and use all office services for free using the WPS office. Also, use many templates for free.

Download WPS here:

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