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July 31, 20231.0K views

Portable Document Format is the most commonly used document format for portability and sharing data easily around educational institutions, business firms and offices, but dealing with PDF files can be hectic and tiring keeping in view the issue of users. Adobe SDK have developed an application that can help users perform easy operations on PDF files. Adobe PDF Editor is a user friendly, reliable, efficient and easy-to-use application when working with PDF files. Users can edit text and images, create, sign, modify, merge and split files, can add comments to PDF files, and one can reduce the size of PDF files by compressing the files.

How to download and install Adobe PDF Editor?

To download Adobe PDF Editor open your browser and open the window


Click on the button “start your free trial”.


Fill in the required information (e-mail address, user name, password, country of use) create your account and to sign up as a new user.


Once your account has been created, sign in to your free trial account and your free version is ready to use. Enjoy the unlimited benefits with Adobe PDF editor and work on your PDF files.

What you get with the free version?

With the free trial version of Adobe PDF Editor the user can get many features and functionalities soon after signing up with the new account. Some of these are listed below:

  • You can rewrite, edit text and images and convert the PDF files to desired format i.e. MS word, Excel, RTF and Power Point according to your requirement.
  • You can annotate, highlight or change text styles, images and fonts.
  • You can set passwords for their files and keep them safe.
  • You can scan text and make PDF.
  • You can sign and apply E-stamps to their PDF files.
  • You can export different format of files including images, MS Word and many more.
  • You can organize your files.
  • You can share and protect your files.
  • You can get free assistance from Adobe PDF Editor during your free trial version.

How to cancel the subscription?

Its very simple to cancel the subscription or trial of adobe pdf editor. You can do it from your account page. Go to adobe pdf editor website. Sign in to your account. And go to the order and payment page in top menu. Click manage plan.


You’ll find 3 option, change your plan, add more storage, and cancel your plan. Because we don’t need to use it anymore and want to cancel the subscription we will select cancel your plan.


Best alternative: WPS Office:

WPS Office is a user-friendly software that has all in one applications like MS word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF reader and editor, whereas Adobe PDF Editor is for PDF files only. WPS Office offers is free to use, whereas the Adobe PDF Editor DC provides 7 days trial. WPS Office provides 20 GB storage in the free trial version, but storage is less in Adobe PDF Reader.

Download WPS Office for free with the link given below to get free templates and create files:

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