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July 31, 20231.1K views

Portable Document Format (PDF) is easy to port, but sometimes dealing with PDF files can be troubling and tiring. Keeping in view the problems of users working with PDF in educational institutes, business firms, freelancing and offices, Microsoft apps have developed an amazing application, Lumin PDF, with the cooperation of NitoLabs Limited. With this application, users can work easily with PDF files both offline and online. Lumin PDF offers text annotation, highlight, and editing, printing and scanning PDF files faster and conveniently.

Users can share and sync files to storage mediums such as Dropbox and One Drive. With internet connections, documents can be restored and updated really quickly. Lumin PDF has brought PDF-related operations to the fingertips of users. Users can create teams and accounts to collaborate and share files and documents within organizations, departments and companies, thus making communication easy, effective and fast.

How to download and install Lumin PDF?

Open your default browser and search for Lumin PDF. The browser shows many results and clicks on a reliable one.


To start your free trial for seven days, click on “try for free”. To try the free version, Lumin demands some information (mailing address, password and a strong password) to sign up and create your account.


Click on “Let’s Go” and a mail has been sent to the user’s mailing address for verification purposes. Once the verification procedure has been completed your free version trial has been started but with some limitations.

What you get with free trial version?

Users can insert images, shapes, text and digital tools real quick. Lumin PDF is a well-rated application that offers a free trial version for seven days which can be cancelled at any time. The application is user-friendly, reliable, fast, easy to use and worth spending money on.

With the free trial version user can have some limited features and in order to get unlimited features user need to buy the premium version. The features available in free trials are discussed below:

  • User can add unlimited text boxes to PDF files.
  • User can add unlimited comments to PDF files.
  • User can add 3 e-signatures to files.
  • User can merge 3 PDF files.
  • User can share files without limit.

To avail other premium features user must buy the pro version of Lumin PDF.

How to cancel Lumin Subscription?

To cancel the subscription, login to the lumin. And go to your profile icon. Click it. And then click billing setting.


Click billing and select cancel plan.


Your subscription will be cancelled.

Best alternative: WPS Office:

WPS Office is not limited to PDF files only it is a versatile and easy-to-use application for MS Word, Excel, Power Point and PDF. WPS Office offers free usage with 20 GB storage and is more efficient than Lumin PDF as Lumin offers a 7-day free trial only. Lumin PDF is a more costly version. Moreover, you can use the WPS office to create, edit and process office files for free.

So download the easy-to-use WPS Office from the link given below:

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