Easy Steps for How to Convert Word to PDF Free Online and Offline

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Looking for a free word to pdf converter? Well there are two types of word to pdf converters available in the market.

  1. Free offline Word to PDF Converter
  2. Free online Word to PDF Converter

At first, we will discuss the free word to pdf converter available offline then that of available online.

Offline Free Word To PDF Converter

There are a bunch of softwares and applications that are available offline but users are always complaining about their speed, awful ads placement and complexity. Don't despair, we have got you a free and versatile word to pdf converter available offline. WPS Office is an office suite providing you with all-necessary office features available offline, free of cost. It is always a recommended pick of writers and data analysts when it comes to ease of work.

How to Convert Word To PDF on WPS

Converting word or doc. file is way easier than you think. All you have to do is download the WPS Office app which is available on any app store either Google Play store, window store or Apple store.

For Windows & Mac

If you're looking to convert word files to pdf on laptop, PC and Mac then follow the steps to reach your destination.

1-Open WPS Office and open your desired file in it

2-On the top left corner, click on the menu option


3-Then hover down and click on Export to PDF option


4-You can edit the path where you want to save this PDF. Then confirm that path



5-You can also convert custom pages by selecting the page range to be converted to PDF.


6-Then simply click on export to PDF and you are done


For Mobile and iPhone

To maximize the user interactivity and experience within the app, WPS Office has the same layout in android in comparison to iPhone. For converting word files to PDF for free on mobile devices either iPhone or Android, WPS Office App is available both on apple and Google play store.

After downloading follow these steps;

1-Open the app. Locate and open your desired file in the WPS Office.

2-Click on the three tiny dots available on the right bottom.


3-Then choose the “file” option.


4-Then select “output as PDF” and you're done.


Online Free Word To PDF Converter

In the above section we have discussed the free offline pdf converter. Now we are going to find the best online word to pdf converter. And you know what? It is also a WPS product i.e. WPS online word to pdf converter.

You can convert files for free online at WPS converter after signing in through your facebook or google account. This is a two-step procedure;

1-Upload word File that you want to convert into pdf.


2-Download the converted pdf file. And enjoy.



Downloading and trying different office applications and softwares daily to convert file’s type is not a joke. WPS Office is a complete package for those who are tired of playing with different softwares to maintain documents in different formats. Download WPS Office now to convert files from word to pdf for free, online as well as offline.

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