Everything about Converting DPT to PDF in 2022

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Dpt files are a type of file that is for presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint is used to create these files, which are compatible with any other program with the .dpt format.

Facts about .dpt files

Are .dpt files safe?

Dpt files are usually smaller because they do not contain any formatting and images as a pdf does. These files are safe, secure, and easier to download and share online. And because they don't contain any formatting or images, they load quicker on websites.

How do I open .dpt files in windows?

The .dpt file format has been used by Windows 8 and 10 users to open multimedia presentations.

These files can be opened in Windows using different software and tools. Alternatively, you can open .dpt files on mac or Linux using online tools like Recovery Toolbox.

Best free tools for .dpt to pdf conversions

There are many converters available in the market. But, not all of them can convert documents to PDF files. Some converters are a bit expensive, while others are free of cost.

Tools like WPS office, FreePDFConverter, and pdf-online-convert make it possible for you to convert documents to PDF files in any format. These tools do not take much time and are easy to use.

How do I convert .dpt files to PDF documents?

Converting .dpt files to PDF documents can be done in just a few steps. You just need to download and install the WPS PDF or Filestar* software on your windows or Mac.

This software allows you to convert your .dpt files to pdf documents for free and very conveniently. It also supports other file formats such as doc, Xls, ppt, txt, and more.

You can use it for free on both Windows and Mac operating systems. It's available in the iTunes store or Google play store for free download.

Converting .dpt files to pdf by WPS PDF

Here are some methods of how to convert .dpt files to pdf format,

1-Download WPS office on your pc

2-Open the file in WPS

3-Click on “File” and then select “Export” to PDF


4-Select the path to save the pdf


5-Click on the export to Pdf button by selecting common pdf as export type.


Converting .dpt files to pdf by Filestar*

To convert the .dpt file to a pdf file, you will need to use an application that allows you to do this conversion as Filestar*.

Download the latest version of the application

1-Open Filestar and import your .dpt file into it by clicking on 'Open' at the top left of the screen.

2-Click 'Save As' then select PDF from the drop-down menu.

3-You can now choose where you want to save your new pdf file and give it a name before clicking save


Guide to download WPS:

If you need help converting .dpt files to pdf and are looking for the best free tool, visit and download WPS office. Additionally, it is also capable of converting excel, word, and ppt files to pdf by editing or resizing the documents.

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