How to Convert DPT to PDF

July 31, 20231.0K views

DPT is a WPS office presentation template extension, a part of the Kingsoft office suite. The suite is available on several operating systems and has in addition a writer and spreadsheets. The DPT file can be converted to several other file formats. This article particularly deals with how to convert DPT to PDF, among other issues surrounding these two file formats.

Default software to open DPT

The DPT file can be opened by a WPS presentation developed by Kingsoft Research. Besides opening, WPS Presentation can also create and edit these documents. a DPT document normally contains text formatting elements as well as slide attributes which are entered by the author of the document.

Why you should convert DPT to PDF

There are many reasons why you need to know how to convert DPT to PDF. here are some of these reasons:

  • PDFs do not alter the formatting

The formatting originally presented in your DPT file is usually retained once it is changed into PDF. This is unlike other file formats which are likely to alter the formatting and change the information that might have been present in the DPT file.

  • Accessed across different devices

The PDF formats can be accessed by many different devices and still retain the formatting. This also means that you can open and edit the files anywhere without being limited by the absence of a specific device

  • Help save space on your device

PDFs are usually smaller documents. when you convert your DPT file to PDF, it gets smaller and therefore tends to preserve space.

  • Secure

The most secure document formats are PDFs. You can easily password protect PDFs containing sensitive information unlike DPT files

  • PDFs are standard documents

This is because many people professionals, students, and anyone is using PDF files. Converting your DPT file to PDF ensures that many people can access the document.

The best online DPT to PDF converter: WPS PDF converter

The best and easy way to quickly convert DPT files to PDF is using online PDF converter tools. Below is an overview of some of the best DPT to PDF converter tools and how to use them.

WPS PDF is a collection of PDF tools to help you with anything to do with PDF files. These range from converter tools to merging tools among many others. To convert the DPT file to PDF, follow the steps below:

Step1:visit the WPS PDF website and click on PPT to PDF. this is a tool that can accept any PowerPoint-related file including PPTX, PPT, and DPS.


Step2:in the next window, you can choose to drag and drop your file in the conversion section or click on ‘Select PPT File’ to upload your DPT file from your local storage


Step3: once the file is uploaded, the conversion will start automatically

Step4: click the ‘Download’ button that appears after the conversion is complete to get your PDF file.

Why you should use the WPS PDF converter

The WPS PDF converter is the best to use because it:

  • The original content on your DPT file is well-preserved including the font and any formatting initially available.
  • Security is high with the use of WPS PDF. your document is normally deleted after one hour after uploading to ensure that no one else finds it.
  • It supports all operating systems. What WPS PDF requires is an internet connection and your preferred web browser.
  • Converting the DPT file to PDF is free when you use the online WPS PDF converter
  • It is time-saving since the whole conversion takes less than a minute.

Other online DPT to PDF converters

There are many other online DPT to PDF converters. They include Vertopal and Adobe among others. They work in almost a similar manner to the WPS PDF converter. However, some of them are not free and may not guarantee the security of your document. Care has to be taken therefore when using them.

The DPT file is not common. That is why one should learn how to convert DPT to PDF. this is however made easier by the WPS PDF converter which is easier to use. You can access it via this link where you can also download WPS Office to work offline.

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