Everything You Need to Know about Converting PDF To HTML

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Html stands for a hypertext markup language. An Html file format is the format that is used to build web pages. This format is used to translate text, images, and other elements by web browsers. An Html format is mostly used by web designers and web developers. While pdf is very common to use as the file format all over the world owing to its user-friendly interface and mainly to prevent the file from unwanted editing. So, an Html format is commonly used nowadays. We can convert pdf files to Html files easily. This article revolves around the information about the conversion of pdf files into Html files.

Difference between pdf and Html file?

There is no comparison between pdf and Html files. Both are different files format and have their pros and cons. One may have to deal with pdf format while the other with Html format which depends upon users choice and requirement. If one needs to read a file and wants to prevent changes in files so he has to use pdf file format while if one has to translate the file through web browsers, should go with Html file format.

HTML files

  • Html file format is used by web developers which is used to design the user interface of websites.
  • Html is used to increase on-screen interactivity of websites.
  • Html format doesn’t support mathematical symbols.

PDF files

  • PDF is a stable format that is used to detain exact document.it is safe format of files which can be protected by applying passwords with help of different software.
  • Besides, pdf file format holds on the original document or article
  • Pdf format supports mathematical symbols.

Best free tools for pdf to Html conversion

A lot of free tools are available online and offline that work for both windows and mac. We are listing some of them to help know the best tools for pdf to Html conversion.

  • PDFelement Pro for Windows
  • Free PDF to HTML
  • PDFMate free pdf converter
  • Kvisoft free PDF to HTML converter
  • Weeny free PDF to HTML converter

All these tolls can be used to convert pdf files to Html files.

How do I convert pdf to Html for free?

You can convert pdf to Html by using PDFelement pro for windows, it's a very handy and free tool to use. Just download PDFelement pro for windows and start converting your files.

Convert Html to pdf using windows 10

Step1: Open PDFelement pro on your PC or desktop. You will get the interface as shown in the below figure.


Step2: Click on ‘open files’ icon. When you click on ‘open files’ icon file explorer window will open and from there you can select the file which you have to convert into Html format.


Step3: After successfully uploading the file, we can perform multiple operations like edit by selecting the edit button from the toolbar. We can just simply convert pdf to Html files.


Step4: After editing, we can save our file into our desired format. For this purpose, we have to click the ‘file menu’ and then click ‘Export To’ option. Then we can select our desired format from displayed formats. We need Html format so; we click on Html and can save our file on our desired location from output window.


Guide to download WPS:

WPS has made the life of students a lot easier. All the basic conversions are available in the free version. Download WPS to enjoy all these facilities.

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